21 October 2011

Concert Time Change & Call for a Volunteer to do Recordings


This is a between-rehearsal quickie email.
  1. We have decided to change the November 12 concert time to 4:30pm. LYCO will play first, and LYS will start around 5pm. The location will still be Box Elder Middle School auditorium. The concert will be over by 5:45 at the latest. This will hopefully make it easier for all students involved in the BEHS production of Joseph, as well as the WHS production (and matinee!) of ... Joseph! What a great play. I'm sure it will be wonderful in both venues! 
  2. A big thank you to Lisa Kent who has provided video and audio recordings of our concerts for more than a decade. She is now retiring from this, and we would love to see someone else who has a nice video/sound recorder step up and facilitate sharing a good quality recording. She always took orders and collected money before each concert, and then distributed the recordings when she put them together. Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in helping with. :)
Here's hoping everyone who is out of town is having a safe trip. Here's also hoping that everyone taking the ACT does well! And here's hoping for a great rehearsal for all of us who don't have anything exciting going on!

See ya tomorrow!

Julie :)

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