08 April 2011

LYS Concert Next Saturday, 5 pm


I am really excited about our upcoming concert. Please note that it is Next Week, April 16th, at 5pm. This earlier concert time has eliminated a lot of potential conflicts this year, so we opted to continue the pattern - and found we had averted another conflict just after we made the decision.

After I send this email, I will be forwarding the press release for the concert which you can, in turn, forward to friends. It has all the admission details, the address of the auditorium, and a nice little write up on what we are playing! :)

Please remember concert dress: Here is the page with the description... Look under "formal" for this concert.

Here is a little note from Rob:

A big welcome to Tristan Parker Bott! Mom and baby are doing great!

Congrats, Rob & Tiffany!

See ya at rehearsal tomorrow! Please be early... There is MUCH to do!

Julie Gardner

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