15 February 2011

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I was so pleased with last Saturday's rehearsal. It really felt like we made good use of our time, and the Schubert is sounding great! We will be handing out at least one more piece (for the April 16 final concert) this Saturday, but we will still focus almost exclusively on the Schubert for Abravanel Hall for the next two rehearsals. I will send a separate email with the schedule and other information for Abravanel Hall.

Thanks to all of last Saturday's sectional specialists. You all did a fantastic job! Having "new blood" around really energized me. I hope it did the same for you.
Sarah Pehrson
Nada Pehrson 
Me :)
Chuck Thompson
Melanie Pehrson
Linda Hansen

This Friday is the Gala, 6pm, Brigham City Senior/Community Center, 24 N 300 W, Brigham City. The silent auction and door prizes will be awesome, and don't forget to buy raffle tickets. Paradise Furniture has donated a recliner - the winner of the raffle gets a certificate and goes to the store to choose their own color for the brand new chair (it will not be the floor model). Tickets for the raffle will be $1 or 6 for $5. Silent auction items are plentiful. It's going to be awesome, but you need to bring your neighbors and friends so that the fundraiser is successful. There's nothing like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip!

I will be making phone calls tonight to everyone who hasn't notified me about tickets. We need numbers for the Caterer by Wednesday.

Save me a phone call and send me an email, K? This is going to be a wonderful dinner and the Silent Auction is going to be stupendous. I have asked each student to try and sell 4 tickets. Please put an extra push on it today!

You are all awesome. 

It takes a great rehearsal with good attendance (like last Saturday) to really show me why I put so much time and effort into this. 

Thank you!

Julie Gardner
Robert Bott

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