09 February 2011

Great Concert!


Thanks for a great concert! I had many positive comments. Thanks to Hector and Sarah for all their incredibly hard work preparing to perform, and thanks to our extra helpers as well, including the really cool string players who played percussion for Aladdin! 

Wasn't Rob funny? 

Thank you, parents, for your continued support! Your youth are awesome!

Update: Last week, I contacted the dispatch for our bus to Abravanel Hall, but I'm still waiting to hear back. I will let you know the official schedule as soon as I know. Just plan to be gone from about 6:30am to 1pm on February 28th. That should about cover it! If you have a schedule conflict, you can have a parent drive you down, or pick you up early. We can discuss this at length as soon as I have the official schedule.

Gala Gala Gala Gala Gala

Oh, the Gala! Please Please Please bring ticket money this Saturday. The dinner is only 9 days away! Everyone needs to sell at least 4 tickets. To be in the running for the prize, you'll for sure need to sell more - Preston had 6 people buy tickets at the concert. Remember I have all the forms on the website. Click here for a direct link.

See you Saturday for regular rehearsal 9-11:15am!


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