19 February 2011

Abravanel Hall Permission Slips


Our trip to Abravanel Hall is next week! Information sheets including permission slips and school excuse forms were handed out today. There were several people who did not receive one today. They will get them in the mail on Wednesday (as there is no mail on Monday, they will not go out until Tuesday). The permission form at the bottom of the paper must be returned at rehearsal on Saturday Feb 26. All who bring them will receive a slice of homemade bread! :) From Me!

Here is the information about schedule from the top part of the letter:
Our performance at Abravanel Hall is February 28, 2011. Our schedule is as follows (times subject to change):
·          6:15 a.m. Load the Bus and leave ACYI
·          6:30-6:40 a.m. Pick up students in Farr West at the Park & Ride
·          6:45-6:55 a.m. Pick up students in Riverdale at the Park & Ride on the east side of the freeway north of 5600 S
·          7:30-7:45 a.m. Arrive Abravanel Hall, Salt Lake City: Please bring a sack lunch and any snacks you will need to get you through the entire morning. There are no nearby eating establishments. You may eat on the bus or outside before we leave. We are not allowed to eat in Abravanel Hall, and you will not be allowed to leave & find food.
·          8:00 a.m. Granite Jr Youth Symphony and Jordan Youth Symphony performances
·          9:00 a.m. Warm Up in the Green Room
·          9:30 a.m. Lincoln Youth Symphony performance!!!
·          10:00 a.m. Group picture on the grand staircase. Bring $15 for an 8x10 picture [this slightly higher photo cost now includes shipping to each musician's home instead of sending the photos to me... since they tend to arrive after our last concert, this makes things less stressful for me! Yay]. Make checks payable to Patrick Webster.
·          10:30 a.m. Utah Valley Youth Philharmonia, Granite Youth Senior Symphony, Jordan/Canyons Symphony Orchestra performances
·          12:00 p.m. Load the bus and head for home. We will leave Salt Lake at about 12:15 p.m.
·          1:00 p.m. Arrive at Riverdale Park & Ride.
·          1:20 p.m. Arrive at Farr West Park & Ride
·          1:40 p.m. Arrive at ACYI
Ø       These times are dependent on traffic and unforeseeable events, so we'll need to be flexible. Parents, please come to pick up your musician a few minutes early just in case!
Ø       There is room on the bus for cellos and probably basses… We've seen them fit before!
Ø       Each musician is very important to our performance. Since this is not technically a school-sponsored activity, their time off from school will need to be arranged on an individual basis. 

Our Fundraiser went very well last night!

Many thanks are in order, including Tami Hunter for her indefatigable work to seek out silent auction items, and all those who sold tickets or purchased tickets. Thank you sooo much for your support!

Paradise Furniture's generous donation of the recliner is deeply appreciated, as well as all the other businesses and individuals. 

I'm a little loopy right now, so I'm not going to even try listing anyone else [Tiffany Schultz] who deserves deep gratitude [Many Local Businesses], but we brought in more than $2000, similar to what we get from some grants - which is the goal - to make up for a lost grant. Thank you for your kind support!

If you need another copy of the permission form, please email me at LincolnYouthSymphony AT gmail.com (replacing AT with @).

See you next Saturday, normal time! If, for some reason, you are not going to be at rehearsal next week, please find a way to relay the necessary information, and be prepared to turn the slip in to the chaperon in charge on the bus!

Remember: Home Made Bread :) Mmmmmmmm.

Julie Gardner
Robert Bott

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