13 January 2011

Weekly Email for Saturday 8 January 2011


It was great to see everyone again on Saturday.

This is a just a quick email. Please let me know when you aren't going to make rehearsal. It really cuts down on my dramatic dismay when people aren't there! It's really easy; just reply to this email with a date, and a reasonable excuse.

We miss having everyone rehearsing together at once. It makes it hard to prepare for a concert!

Oh, by the way, we DO have rehearsal this Saturday, notwithstanding MLK day on Monday.

AND we have a few things coming up: 

Concert February 5th
Gala Dinner February 18th
Abravanel Hall February 28th

More details will be forthcoming.

Again thank you for your dedication and hard work!

FYI: We will be saving the Accolay concerto (a strings only piece) for the April concert in hopes that our soloist will be well by then. She broke her arm on Saturday!

Concert Feb 5th:
Vanhal (Viola concerto for strings & trumpet - handed out Jan 8th)
Bruch (Violin concerto (Sarah's piece) full orchestra)
Schubert 2nd movement (work hard on this - we are prepping for a performance of both movements at Abravanel Hall on Feb 28th)
Fughetta (Winds only)
Aladdin and his Magic Lamp (Winds only with Rob narrating. Any strings interested in playing percussion please let me know.)

Sorry that this email is a little random. 

See you this Saturday!

Julie Gardner 
Robert Bott

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