10 December 2011

LYS Saturday Report!


Thanks for the very productive rehearsal today. We are making progress on our music, and having a nice time with it as well. You are all a delight to spend Saturday mornings with! I just want you to know that -- I would not love coming if it weren't for your smiling faces and hard working attitudes. Keep up the great work!

We look forward to having everyone back next week after a weekend of ACT tests and other things!

Here is the list of what we are playing for the Feb 4th concert:
Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, last movement
Saint-Saens Cello Concert, first movement (ends at letter F)
Liszt Piano Concerto, first movement
Orchestra Pieces (if we don't use all of them, we will still perform them at Abravanel Hall):
Haydn Surprise Symphony (No. 94), Andante - second movement
Grand March from Tannhauser - Wagner
Little Russian - Tchaikovsky

Other stuff in our folders:
New World Symphony Excerpts (we probably won't play this one at all - we'll work up to playing the real thing)
Prometheus by Beethoven - we are planning to perform this at Abravanel Hall, so practice the fast parts!

We have one more rehearsal before Christmas break. Let's make it a great one! Today we had some extra help for the violins with fingerings on the Mendelssohn. Thank you, Amber Taylor! You are a gem! If you are a 1st or 2nd violin and you didn't make today's rehearsal, be sure to get fingerings from a friend. Help for the cellos is also on its way. :)


I have posted information on two competitions - a concerto competition for woodwind, brass and percussion players, and a chamber music competition for any group of 3 to 8 players - on the blog. It is good information worth passing on, so be sure to check it out!

I have also posted a cartoon featuring Haydn's Surprise Symphony. It made me laugh, so I hope you like it. Here is the link.


Now, since we are laughing about the cartoon, I have to ask for parental help! We need more people on the Gala committees. You know you should help! Ticket sales (keep track of tickets sold by students - submit numbers for the caterer), Silent Auction (organize & display stuff for sale), Donations Committee (procuring donations), Decorations & Setup, Publicity, Entertainment. So far, if there is someone on these committees, it's only one person! Let's spread the love, get to know each other better, and have a great time into the bargain.

This year's Gala is on February 11th. 

Blessings to you all! Thank you for sharing your gift of music with us.

Julie Gardner
Robert Bott

Haydn's Surprise Symphony

from The Hoffnung Music Festival by the late Gerard Hoffnung,
a very silly Englishman!

2012 Utah Chamber Music Competition for high school and university students

The Student Advisory Committee at the University of Utah School of Music
proudly presents the


Open to college and high school chamber groups of all instruments and voice types

The Student Advisory Committee at the University of Utah School of Music is excited to announce the Second Annual Utah Chamber Music Competition! The competition will be held on Monday & Tuesday, March 5 & 6, 2012 in David P. Gardner Hall at the University of Utah. College and high school chamber groups of all instruments and voice types with three to eight musicians are invited to compete. Five groups will be chosen to win a cash prize, a one-hour coaching session with one of the judges, and a featured performance at the Winners' Concert on Monday, April 9, 2012. We are also very excited to announce that this year we will be offering a scholarship to the University of Utah Chamber Music Workshop to the top winners.

** Note from Julie: I encourage you to compete and I am willing to help you prepare for this wonderful opportunity. The application deadline is February 20, 2012. Click here to download and print a poster to advertise at your school and click here to view their competition rules and guidelines.

The purpose of this competition is to foster and inspire enthusiasm and passion for chamber music in students of all levels while providing opportunities to improve chamber music performance skills. It is our hope that through this competition, students will cultivate greater communication and collaboration across schools and communities in order to create uplifting and enriching music for all to enjoy.

To learn more about the Utah Chamber Music Competition as well as complete application materials and view competition rules and guidelines, visit umarket.utah.edu/uumusic.

Please direct all questions to umusac@gmail.com

We appreciate your help in continuing the success of the Utah Chamber Music Competition!

School of Music Student Advisory Committee

This event is funded in part by Fine Arts Fees.

The first annual Utah Wind Symphony Student Concerto Competition

New Logo Bar
The first annual Utah Wind Symphony Student Concerto Competition

Legacy Music Alliance and the Utah Wind Symphony are pleased to announce the first annual Utah Wind Symphony Student Concerto Competition for junior high, high school, and college musicians. Designed to enrich music education in our state, this event will give three of Utah's top student musicians the opportunity to perform a solo work with the UWS. Selected students who advance to the finals round will participate in a professional audition process, helping to prepare them for professional auditions, job interviews, and other critical moments in their lives. An event like this is only possible through UWS's partnership with Legacy Music Alliance.

Students will be selected through a competitive audition process, and three winners will be selected to perform with the Utah Wind Symphony in concert at the Rose Wagner Theater in Salt Lake City on March 29, 2012. All students who participate will receive written feedback based on their recording. Additionally, students will be competing for the opportunity to win one of the following scholarships generously donated by Legacy Music Alliance:

  • Three $1,500 scholarships for collegiate division students
  • Three $1,500 scholarships for high school division students
  • Two $1,000 scholarships to junior high school division students

All woodwind, brass, and percussion students who currently reside in the state of Utah and are of junior high (grades 6 -9) high school (grades 10 -12), or college age (students who are currently enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs, no age limit) are eligible to compete.

Application Guidelines
  • Applicant must provide an unedited DVD video recording with piano accompaniment of the first or last movement of a work for their instrument from the approved repertoire list.
  • A non-refundable $75 application fee is required. The fee will be waived for members of Legacy Music Alliance's moNET (Music Opportunity Network). Learn more about moNET at www.musicopportunitynetwork.org
  • Application form, recording, and non-refundable application fee (checks payable to Utah Wind Symphony) must be postmarked by January 3, 2012 and sent together in one packet to: UWS Concerto Competition Committee, 1498 North 125 East, Layton, UT 84041.
  • Applicants will be notified by January 21, 2012 regarding their selection as a finalist in the live audition.
  • Live auditions will be held before a selection committee at Summerhays Recital Hall on January 28, 2012. Finalists are required to provide their own accompanist for the audition.
  • The winners will be announced by January 30, 2012. The decision of the judges is final.
All scholarship winners must be present at the March 29, 2012 concert to receive their scholarship.

Important Dates

January 3, 2012 - Application packet postmarked

January 28, 2012 - Live audition for finalists held at Summerhays Music in Murray

March 29, 2012 - Top three winners will perform with the Utah Wind Symphony, and all scholarship winners will be presented with their awards.

20 November 2011

LYS: See You in Two Weeks!


Thanks for the great time this weekend at the retreat. Please be sure to contact me if you have suggestions for our retreat next year. We are on the Camp UTABA calendar for October 26-27, 2012 -- maybe it won't be snowing. Nice!

This is just a quick reminder that there is NO rehearsal next Saturday. Happy Thanksgiving. It is (in my opinion) the best holiday of the year!

Next rehearsal: December 3, 9:00 - 11:15 am, ACYI.


Julie Gardner
Robert Bott

10 November 2011

Cookie Reminder


I have cookies for everyone who brings the retreat permission slip on Saturday!

Strings: Don't forget we start at 8:00am, Box Elder Middle School, 18 S 500 E, Brigham City.

Need another copy of the permission slip? Click Here.


Reply to this email or call me with questions: 435 723 8262.

05 November 2011

Retreat Confirmation (Extra Note)

I just sent an email like the one below to everyone, but with personal information in it. 

Please contact me if you did not receive one -- that will mean I made a MisTaKe! 

So, I'm hoping you all got it and that you read it to the very bottom! Please REPLY to the aforementioned personal email I sent so I know you received it and I know how to count you for overnight and meals!  :D

Thanks so much for being awesome!

-- Julie


I'm just writing to every member of LYS and double checking on plans for the retreat. I've listed below who I am planning on attending, and whether there are any specific scheduling issues for that student, and what their payment situation is. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for someone to carpool with. I'd be happy to connect people! The information sheet (which you keep) and permission form (which you turn in on Nov 12 in exchange for a cookie) are attached to today's email that I sent out earlier.

Student(s) attending:
Any scheduling conflicts:

I must have a solid headcount by the end of the weekend. I will be turning in numbers for meals & accommodations on Monday morning. 

Thanks so much!

Julie Gardner

Links to Retreat Forms


This is for anyone who read today's email online and wants the attached documents (which are obviously not attached on the blog post!) so here are the links to PDF Files uploaded to Google Docs. Anyone with a link can view them - you do not need a Google account.

Great! I'm hoping that works fine and dandy! :)


Concert then Retreat


Thanks for your hard work this morning, and a huge thank-you to Diane Austin and Amy Braithwaite for working with the violins, Anna Henke for working with the cellos and basses, and Diane Beeton working with woodwinds -- a big thank-you to all of you for helping to make it such a productive rehearsal. You are truly appreciated!

Retreat Handouts

I have attached the Retreat Permission Form and the Retreat Information sheet that I handed out at the end of rehearsal today. Please look them over, and fill out the permission form. I would like to collect all of the Permission forms next Saturday. (I will have cookies for everyone who remembers to bring their permission form!)

Extremely Important: I will be sending individual emails today to each member about their plans are for the retreat. I need to know by this MONDAY if you will be attending all or part of the retreat, and which meals we need to order for you. Remember, we'd love to have you there -- even it it's just for part of it. Camp UTABA needs a headcount! 

Remember next week's timeline:

Location: Box Elder Middle School Auditorium, 18 S 500 E, Brigham City
Click Here for an exact location on Google maps of where to enter the building (the green arrow); you can also "zoom" or "get directions" as needed.

8am Strings Rehearsal
9am Woodwinds and Brass join rehearsal
11:15am (or possibly earlier) End of Rehearsal (LYCO is right after us)

4:00pm Arrival Time for Concert
4:30pm Concert Begins (LYCO is first)
5:45pm Concert will end by then :)


Please note that there is a small admission fee for the concert: $3 for Adults, $2 for children (11 and under), $12 for Families under one roof.

Concert Dress

If you have questions about concert attire, please contact me by replying to this email, or call me 435.723.8262.

Calendar & Website

Please note that I diligently update the Online Calendar, so if you have questions about where, when, what, how, who, or whether (giggle), you might check the calendar. If you have a Google account, you can actually subscribe to the calendar. Ah, the intrigue of technology! 

Did you know that every email I send to the group is posted on the website? So, if you aren't sure what I said and you deleted your email, check it out! LincolnYouthSymphony.blogspot.com


I'm still looking for a camera volunteer, as mentioned last week.

See Ya Next Week!

Thanks bunches for everything! I'm wishing Rob a safe trip home from Boise!

Practice, Practice, Practice! It's going to be a great concert!

Julie Gardner
Robert Bott

02 November 2011

LYS - Nov 12 Rehearsal Time Change - Please read to the end! :)


Thanks for a good rehearsal last week. It's going to be great to have everyone involved in the play back at rehearsal again.

Concerto Auditions

A big congratulations to all the students who auditioned for the Concerto Night concert. It takes a long time and a lot of work - and diligent practice - to prepare a concerto. I'm sure you see that as you watch Krystell prepare for her performance! She is a great example to all of us. (If this is something you are interested in doing in the future, please talk with Rob or me and let's choose a piece together that will work well for the orchestra -- before you spend a year learning it!)

Our concerto night performers will be 
Joshua Musselman, from Logan, playing the first movement of Piano Concerto No 1 by Liszt
Ryan Stocks, from Brigham City, playing the first movement of Cello Concerto No 1 by Saint-Saens
Andrew Johnson, from Perry, playing the third movement of the Violin Concerto by Mendelssohn

These are three of the pieces we will be diligently learning for our next concert! I'm excited because they are all FULL orchestra pieces --  not that we don't love the Accolay, but it's only scored for Strings! :)

Volunteers needed - if you have a sense that either of these might be something you can help with, please step forward! 

I no longer have a van to haul percussion, and I need someone with a large enough vehicle to fit a few timpani & other various pieces of equipment. I can NO LONGER do this myself, so I need a volunteer to meet me at ACYI on Saturday, Nov 12, at 7:15 am. We load percussion, haul it to the Middle School, and leave it there for the day. Preferably, the same volunteer would then haul the percussion equipment back to ACYI after the concert (at about 6pm). It's a good deed to help a stranded symphony manager! Let me know if you'd like to help! :)

Still looking for someone to video the concert -- if you don't have a good camera, I have one that works really well and records the sound very nicely. Let's get together on it, K?

November 5 Rehearsal

This Saturday, November 5, is our last rehearsal before we go to the auditorium for the dress rehearsal. We have a lot of work to do, and Rob is going to be out of town for a wedding. Actually, he loves us so much that he tried to get out of going, but in the end he really needs to be in Boise, so he has created an elaborate schedule for us. We will be having sectionals (split into smaller groups) for the first hour, and then running through pieces during the second hour + 15 minutes. Please be on time, and come ready to work! :)

November 12 Rehearsal

This is the one with the big change, and it only involves the strings: The strings will be starting rehearsal on Saturday November 12 at the Middle School Auditorium (18 S 500 E, Brigham) at 8:00 am. Yes, you read that right. Woodwinds & Brass will join us at 9:00 am, the regular time. Rehearsal will be over by 11:00 or 11:15 am and LYCO will begin their rehearsal as soon as we are done. If you think you're going to die, bring a snack! :)

November 12 Concert

Remember we have changed our concert time to 4:30pm. Please arrive at 4:00pm dressed for the concert. We perform after LYCO. I have posted the press release (with the non-silly photos) on the website. Click here to read it. Hopefully the papers will publish it! 

Admission is $3 for adults, $2 for students, and $12 for all family under one roof.

Why is there is an admission charge to the concert? (I wish it were free!) If someone wants to take the banner of finding sponsors for our concerts, we would be able to do away with admission, but at this point, it covers the cost of the hall and also supplements some operating expenses. Please come talk to me or a member of the board if you would like to carry this banner!

Concert Dress -- a reminder that you need to get your wardrobe ready.

Extra Extra: Don't find yourself frantically searching thrift stores for black clothing the day of the concert! 
  • Male: Black tux or equivalent suit (*this includes black slacks and a black jacket), white dress shirt, black bow tie, black socks, black shoes. 
  • Female: Black dress, formal trouser suit, or blouse & skirt, midriff covered, conservative neckline, skirts & dresses at least tea-length, slits no higher than knee, black stockings, black shoes, accessories & trim in black.
Thanks for everything - especially all your support! You are all awesome!

Julie Gardner
Robert Bott

Press Release for Lincoln Youth Symphony and Chamber Orchestra Concert November 12

The Lincoln Youth Symphony and Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra are pleased to announce the opening of their 2011-2012 season. You are cordially invited to attend their first concert, "Symphonic Sampler", November 12, 2011, at 4:30 pm, at the Box Elder Middle School Auditorium, 18 South 500 East, Brigham City. This will be an eclectic concert, featuring a wide variety of music sure to please all tastes. Admission is $3 for adults, $2 for children 11 & under, or $12 for under-one-roof families.

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra

The Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra, the LYS training orchestra for strings, will begin the program. LYCO is conducted by Amanda Kippen, currently a senior at Weber State University in Music Education, and the program will include Christmas favorites such as the Overture from Handel's Messiah, and Sleigh Bells Jingling, as well as Satie's Gymnopedie No 1, and Critter Crawl.

Lincoln Youth Symphony

The Lincoln Youth Symphony, conducted by Robert Bott, will feature Krystell Taylor, violinist, performing the first movement of the Accolay violin concerto. Krystell was one of the winners of the LYS Concerto Competition last year, but broke her arm before she was able to perform in last season's concerto concert. The Lincoln Youth Symphony will also perform a medley from Sound of Music, Beethoven's Coriolan Overture, A Bach Christmas, and the Russian Sailor's Dance by Gliere.

Krystell Taylor

Krystell Taylor is 15 years old, and attends Wahlquist Jr. High School in Farr West, Utah. She lives in Plain City, and is the oldest of four children. Krystell started playing the violin when she was three, and took lessons from her mom until she was 11. She then started lessons with Diane Austin, and has taken from Diane for the last three and a half years. Krystell loves music, and is often found singing while working on various projects. She has participated in different ward and school choirs, orchestras, and is currently principle over the second violins in the Lincoln Youth Symphony. She has started teaching some of her own private students, and wants to go on to major in music in college.

LYS and LYCO include students who are participating in their school programs but are looking for more music in their junior high and high school experiences. Students come from as far north as Tremonton, as far east as Logan, as far west as Plain City, and as far south as Riverdale. The orchestras are the main project of the Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supported by grants from the George S & Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation, the Utah Division of Arts & Museums with funding from the State of Utah and the National Endowment for the Arts, and their annual Gala Fundraiser -- supported by many local businesses, parents, grandparents, and Paradise Furniture in Willard, Utah. More information is available at LincolnYouthSymphony.blogspot.com.

21 October 2011

Concert Time Change & Call for a Volunteer to do Recordings


This is a between-rehearsal quickie email.
  1. We have decided to change the November 12 concert time to 4:30pm. LYCO will play first, and LYS will start around 5pm. The location will still be Box Elder Middle School auditorium. The concert will be over by 5:45 at the latest. This will hopefully make it easier for all students involved in the BEHS production of Joseph, as well as the WHS production (and matinee!) of ... Joseph! What a great play. I'm sure it will be wonderful in both venues! 
  2. A big thank you to Lisa Kent who has provided video and audio recordings of our concerts for more than a decade. She is now retiring from this, and we would love to see someone else who has a nice video/sound recorder step up and facilitate sharing a good quality recording. She always took orders and collected money before each concert, and then distributed the recordings when she put them together. Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in helping with. :)
Here's hoping everyone who is out of town is having a safe trip. Here's also hoping that everyone taking the ACT does well! And here's hoping for a great rehearsal for all of us who don't have anything exciting going on!

See ya tomorrow!

Julie :)

15 October 2011

LYS: Yes, there's rehearsal next week!


Such a lovely day, and such a nice rehearsal! We are blessed to have the gift of music and be able to share it.

I'm so glad that Rob made it to rehearsal today. He has been sick and wasn't sure he would be there. Deep gratitude (especially on my part) that he was! 

Welcome to Liana Mudrow on string bass and to Paul Astorga on cello, as well as Anna Wolford on flute. Thanks for joining us!

Please be aware that there is rehearsal next week -- if you're in town, please come! 

Thanks to everyone who has filled out their calendar commitment forms. Please be sure to let me know if you have other conflicts throughout the year. I have a spreadsheet for the whole year, so don't hesitate to let me know now if your plans change! If you haven't turned in your form, just hand it to me at rehearsal. :)

  • Oct 22, Regular Rehearsal, 9-11:15am, ACYI (Kudos for coming over a school break!)
  • Oct 29, Regular Rehearsal, 9-11:15am, ACYI
  • Oct 29, Concerto Auditions, after rehearsal (I will be sending a separate email this week to the students who are doing this.)
  • Nov 5, Regular Rehearsal, 9-11:15am, ACYI
  • Nov 12, Dress Rehearsal (this means on the stage, but you don't have to be dressed up for it), 9-11am, BEMS (Middle School: 18 S 500 E, Brigham City)
  • Nov 12, First Concert, 5-6:30 pm, call time 4:30 pm, BEMS. LYCO will play first. 
  • Nov 18-19, Retreat! Papers will be going home soon for this. Please come talk to me if there are money issues, or conflicts, that I don't already know about. 

What a great year it's going to be! 

If you have friends who might be interested in LYS they should contact me (email is fine) before they come so I can be sure to have music there for them. Generally we will have them audition for us and then play in the rehearsal. Any student who is still thinking about it needs to contact me asap and plan to play for every rehearsal before the concert, or come audition and then plan to join after the concert (their first week would be retreat week).

Thanks so much!

Happy music-making,

Julie Gardner
Robert Bott

30 September 2011

LYS: Looking Forward to Rehearsal Tomorrow


For those of you who are new, I send a weekly email. Generally it arrives much earlier in the week! 

This Saturday

Regular Rehearsal, 9-11:15. Please arrive early and help set up. Thanks a TON for everyone who helped set up last week. Rob is looking forward to being at rehearsal tomorrow! It sounds like he had a great week in Boulder at his conducting workshop. 

Tomorrow is a great rehearsal to bring friends (especially if they play a missing instrument!). They are welcome to play along, and then decide if they want to join us for the year. 

Last Saturday

Thanks to everyone for their efforts last week. It was a good rehearsal, and I appreciated Rob even more by the time I was done conducting!

Discount for Late-Comers

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the parent meeting last Saturday. With regard to the discount, our new policy for everyone who joins after the parent meeting: If you take care of your tuition within one week of joining (this includes payment in full or making arrangements), you will qualify for the discount. So your friends can join late and still qualify for the discount.

Calendar Sheet

If you haven't filled out and turned in a calendar sheet with your conflicts on it, please bring it tomorrow. If you turned one in at the parent meeting, you are covered!

Upcoming November 18-19 Retreat FAQ

If going on an overnight activity is not my thing, can I skip the retreat?

You are welcome to not spend the night, but the retreat is taking the place of rehearsals for that weekend, so it is imperative that you participate in the daytime part of the retreat - there will be rehearsals on Friday evening as well as a workshop/sectional on Saturday morning and another rehearsal on Saturday as well. It is our first rehearsal after our concert, so we will be learning new music and it's going to be fun! Please make arrangements to be there for the Friday evening and Saturday morning/early afternoon activities even if you do not plan to spend the night.

How do we get there?

Camp UTABA is relatively close-by (for a camp location). Here is a link to their map http://camputaba.org/drive.htm.  Carpooling is recommended. If you need tips on people to carpool with, please contact me.

I might have a swim meet or something that weekend. Can I come to part of the retreat?

YES! Please come to as much of the retreat as possible, but if you have an unavoidable conflict, we will work with you! :)

14 September 2011

LYS Audition Reminder: This Saturday!


Just a happy reminder that auditions are this Saturday. We will begin at 9am, and appointments go until 11:15. We will stay as long as necessary to hear everyone! Bring your audition form, or fill out one when you arrive (we have extras). Appointments are available but not required. (Reply to this email if you have time issues and need an appointment.)

Also, I have posted a letter from the Utah Symphony on the blog with great information on several great opportunities available to you this year. Click here for the Utah Symphony letter.

Please contact me with any questions. I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday! :)



Utah Symphony Information for Young Musicians

A message from the Utah Symphony. Just a personal note: My family has been in the Utah Symphony Youth Guild before, and we loved it! Backstage tours, service opportunities linked to free tickets, and so much more!


Greetings All,

I hope you're all off to a great start of a new season with your orchestras. I wanted to let you know about a few things from the education department of Utah Symphony. Please share this with your student musicians and their parents.

Utah Symphony Youth Guild: The Utah Symphony Youth Guild is a great resource for families who love music. I've attached the 2011-12 application and a document that explains the many education and service opportunities. And one of the best kept secrets is the ticket vouchers that allow members to attend performances for just $5 (students) and $10 (parents)!

Utah Symphony Recommends: At the suggestion of one of your colleagues (Paul Watson) we have created a poster to help students locate the concerts in our season that are most important for particular instruments. I've attached a copy of it here (use Adobe Reader to open it) but it is also available on our website at http://usuoeducation.org/for-students/education-events-for-individual-students .

Youth Orchestra Festival: I wanted to be sure that everyone had the date of this season's Youth Orchestra Festival on your calendars. It will be Monday, February 27, 2012. You'll be hearing from Jim Thompson and me about the details in a few months.

All-Star Evening: The All-Star Evening concert will be held on Tuesday, May 15, 2012. Student rehearsals and mentoring sessions are not yet scheduled, but may take place between April 23 and May 11. The rehearsal with the Utah Symphony will be Saturday, May 12 at 11 am.

Thanks for your work with our young musicians in Utah. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I'm looking forward to working with you again this season.

- Beverly

Beverly Hawkins
Symphony Education Manager
Utah Symphony | Utah Opera

03 September 2011

LYS Parent Letter 2011

The following letter was mailed to returning, interested, and prospective members last week, along with a schedule for the year, an audition form, and a membership policies brochure. See the calendar page for an online version of the schedule. See the Membership Policies tab for an online version of the membership policies brochure.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a list of information we ask for on the audition form so you can come prepared. We will have extra copies at the auditions if you did not receive one in the mail.

It's going to be a great year!



Come Play With Us!

I hope you find all the information here that you need to audition and Come Play With Us! this year. We are a dynamic, constantly changing, organization. For this reason, we audition every seat every year: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Flute/Piccolo, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba & Percussion. The more seats we fill, the more fulfilling the experience. Thanks ahead of time for your continued support. It’s going to be great year! J Julie Gardner, Managing Director, 435.723.8262, LincolnYouthSymphony@gmail.com, LincolnYouthSymphony.blogspot.com

Important Information:

Summary & my extra comments:

Here is the fee schedule; there is still a discount for attending the parents’ meeting on Sept 24th and either paying in full or setting up a payment plan that day:

Description / Fee / After Discount

LYS / $125 / $115

Family Cap / $200 / $175

Retreat / $40 (per person)

After October 15, a late fee of $10 will be assessed if payment arrangements have not been made. You will not be penalized for choosing the monthly payment option.

Please make checks payable to: Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society (LBSS).

Membership Fees & Discount Opportunity

If you attend the parent meeting and pay or arrange to pay that day, you get a discount.

I tried to roll the Retreat into the regular Fee, but with the Family Cap, it just wasn’t working. You’ll have to add it on. Please pay it with your tuition.


Our retreat will be November 18-19, 2011 from 4pm on Friday to 2pm on Saturday. All LYS musicians are expected to participate. It will take the place of that week’s regular rehearsal, and it will be a time for musicians to get to know each other, play games, have a couple intense rehearsals, and, most importantly, to have fun. Mini-music-camp! We are confident it will set the tone for a great year.

Our retreat will be at Camp UTABA in the north part of the Ogden Valley. It is near enough to carpool. See www.camputaba.org for a virtual tour and driving directions.

The cost of $40 covers the overnight stay, dinner, breakfast and lunch.


We need some help hauling music stands & the podium, as well as chaperons for the overnight stay, two adults for each cabin we use. Please contact me to volunteer.


If auditioning makes you really nervous but you are interested in joining LYS, please contact us. We no longer require a 2-3 minute solo – just 16-20 measures. See below. Please choose a selection that makes musical sense to you!

Auditions will be held Saturday, Sept 17, 9:00-11:15 a.m. (or however long it takes) at ACYI, 830 Law Dr, Brigham City.

You might want an appointment. But you don’t have to have one. All walk-ins will be worked in around people with appointments! This should minimize your waiting time. Please contact Julie at LincolnYouth Symphony@gmail.com or 435.723.8262 for an appointment.

Auditions are required for new and returning musicians.

All musicians: 16-20 measures of a prepared solo. You will also be asked to sight-read.


Strings: A 3-octave major scale and a 2-octave melodic minor scale of your choice.

Woodwinds: A 2-to-3-octave chromatic scale, and a 2-to-3-octave major or minor scale.

Brass: Two 1-to-2-octave major or minor scales.

Percussion: Snare rudiments, a major & a minor 1-octave scale on bells.


Auditions can be scary, but never fear! We are small and love new people!

Appointments are optional. Walk-ins will have to be worked in around people with appointments, on a first-come, first-served basis.

What to prepare is in the “fine print” over there on the left. ß

Concerto Auditions:

Last year Sarah Pehrson, Krystell Taylor, and Hector Guadarrama were selected to perform works by Bruch, Accolay and Vanhal with the orchestra. (Actually, Krystell didn’t perform – she broke her arm instead – but she’ll be performing her piece in our November concert). This year, it could be you or your friend! Our concerto night will be February 4th, 2012.

Auditions are open to members of the orchestra for no additional fee. If you have an awesome friend who wants to audition, the charge is $20. Auditions will be October 29, 2011, after regular rehearsal at 11:15 am. Your piece must be pre-approved for availability and playability in September – so contact Julie or Robert with your information.

Concerto Auditions

This is for people who are already working on a concerto (a solo piece with orchestral accompaniment).

I know, sounds scary to some, but it sounds exhilarating and exciting and like an incredible opportunity to others.

If it sounds cool to you, please come talk to me. We have to approve your piece!

Mandatory Parents’ Meeting

The mandatory parents’ meeting for both LYS and LYCO is September 24, 2011, 11:30–12:15 pm, ACYI Choir Room.

This will include information on the Symphonic Society, the retreat, rehearsal attendance and etiquette, wardrobe guidelines, and recruiting for volunteer opportunities like a snap-shot taker/photographer. There will also be a question / answer session. We look forward to getting to know you! We’ll see you there!

Parents’ Meeting Sept 24, 2011

Of course, it’s only mandatory if you want your discount, but it’s also full of great information. If you want your friends to get the discount, get them to join early!

Concert Schedule

Our concerts are scheduled at Box Elder Middle School Auditorium at 5:00 pm on the following dates: November 12, February 4, and April 21


Please put them on your calendar TODAY!

Abravanel Hall

Each year we share the stage with 14 other youth symphonies at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City. Save the Date! This year’s youth symphony festival will be on Monday, February 27, 2012. We always have a need for parent chaperones. We get to request a morning or afternoon time slot, so if you have a preference, please let me know!

Abravanel Hall: A day-long field trip. We ride a bus & we perform & we need parents to come along, so let me know if you are interested!

Our “Utah Symphony All-Stars”

When Lincoln Youth Symphony participates in the Youth Symphony Festival at Abravanel Hall each year, we qualify to send some of our members to play side-by-side with professionals as part of the Utah Symphony for their All-Star Evening.

This coming year, the concert will be on Tues, May 15, 2012.

Congratulations to our 2011 All Stars!

Sarah Pehrson, violin, graduated from Fremont HS in 2011.

Kylie Christensen, violin, graduated from Bear River HS in 2011.

Kurt Hallin, trumpet, graduated from Weber HS in 2011.

Jeffrey Hadfield, horn, graduated from Box Elder HS in 2011.

The Utah Symphony side-by-side concert is a fantastic opportunity for several musicians each year!

PS The bigger the string section, the more students we get to send, so let’s make this group GROW!


Each year the Lake Bonneville Community Symphony performs a Messiah Sing-along, and they always invite LYS to participate. The performance will be December 8 or 9; stay tuned for information on rehearsals.

Messiah Sing-along: This is not part of LYS, but completely optional!

Buy Grocery Store Certificates

Naomi Miles is our contact person on the board for grocery certificates. If you would like to be included on her grocery certificate list to regularly purchase grocery certificates, please contact her at 435.723.7617.

Money raised can be specified for the general fund, for LYS, LYCO, or the Community Symphony. The certificates work at any Smith’s, including the pharmacy and gas pump, or at either the Brigham City or Tremonton Kent’s. It is an ongoing fundraiser.

Buy certificates and spend them like cash; our organization makes 5% cash back. This is a great way to budget for groceries!


Grocery Certificates – please participate. Each year it seems we fall back on our grocery certificate money to get us through the year!

Gala Dinner & Silent Auction which is our main fundraiser and takes the majority of the Board’s energy. Please be generous and volunteer by marking the bottom section on your audition form!

Help with Gala Dinner and Other Fundraising Events

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming fundraising events!

Also, if you are a fundraising expert, or even if you just have ideas, please come talk to us. We’d love to pick your brain!

Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society

The Lincoln Youth Symphony, Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra, and Lake Bonneville Community Symphony are projects of the Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the support of symphonic music throughout our region. Your tax deductible donations and matching funds gifts are always welcome!

The Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society wishes to thank Box Elder School District, the staff and administration of Box Elder Middle School and Adele C Young Intermediate School, the Box Elder News Journal, Tremonton Leader, and Standard Examiner for their support.

Sincere thanks to our musicians and especially our parent volunteers for their time and work. Without their support, this program would not be possible.

The Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society is sustained by grants from the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation and our annual Gala Fundraiser Dinner & Silent Auction, including the generous donation of a recliner for our February 2011 raffle from Paradise Furniture in Willard, Utah. We are also grateful for support from individual donors, parents, grandparents, and employee gift matching from both ATK Launch Systems and Autoliv.

Gratitude to Box Elder Tourism Board for recently awarding a grant for new music for the 2011-2012 Season!

This project is supported in part by the Utah Division of Arts & Museums, with funding from the State of Utah and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Additional support from local businesses includes grocery certificate support from Smith’s and Kent’s, music stand storage from Brigham Storage, and Canyon View Animal Health Center and the Box Elder Chamber of Commerce and Box Elder Tourism Board for their donated printing of programs and other items.


We have to include this stuff on everything we publish. It makes me feel like PBS!

Everyone that supports us is so cool!

Like Totally.

They are all awesome – and so are you. If we didn’t have you, we would not be here!

Did you know we got a Box Elder Tourism Board grant for new music this year? It was so fun to pick music from a catalog instead of a musty cabinet!

Thank you, Box Elder Tourism Board!

Robert Bott

In addition to being LYS conductor, Robert Bott currently serves as Co-Music Director of the Celebration Chamber Orchestra. Robert has guest conducted the Salt Lake Symphony, the Utah Composer’s Forum, the Summer Choral Institute, and has participated in conducting workshops around the country. He has also been privileged to work with living composers and to conduct premieres of several contemporary works, including his own compositions. His conducting teachers include Robert Baldwin, David Cho, Brady Allred, Kenneth Kiesler, Andrew George, and David Schiff.

A native of Salt Lake City, Robert holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Utah in Music Composition, and a Master’s degree in Instrumental Conducting. His interests in music are extremely varied; besides conducting and composition, Robert has studied the saxophone, clarinet, and voice. As a performer, he has had the privilege of playing in numerous instrumental ensembles, singing in the Salt Lake Tabernacle, and touring England and France with the University of Utah Singers, winners of the European Grand Prix International Choir Competition in 2006. (Last Fall they toured with this choir again and won another competition. -Julie) Robert and his wife Tiffany (who makes the best brownies ever!) live in Layton, and mostly they dote on their new baby Tristan, but in their spare time they enjoy literature, sports, video games, and nature.


We are excited to have Rob return this year for a second season!

He’s really good at Whack-em, so we like him!

If you didn’t meet him last year, you can read his bio over there ß J

The Audition form can be filled out at the auditions if you don't already have one. Please bring the following information:

Instrument, Grade (in school), Date, New / Returning (Circle One)

Name, Parent(s) or Guardian(s) Names, Mailing Address, City, ZIP

Musician’s Email Address, Parent’s Email Address(es)

Home Phone, Musician’s Cell Phone, Parents' Cell Phones – Mother & Father

School Attending

I am enrolled in at least 2 trimesters or semesters of my school’s music program YES NO

Years of experience (please list each instrument separately)

Private teacher Name & Phone

Years private instruction_______How did you hear about LYS?______

My parents & I would like more information about the following volunteer opportunities:

LBSS Board Openings

o LYS Parent Representative

LYS Helpers

o Photographer / Snapshot parent

o Move Percussion Equipment for Concerts

o Buy Grocery Certificates

o File Orphan Music

o Chaperone for Retreat (Nov 18-19 2011)

o Chaperone to Abravanel Hall (Feb 27, 2012)

o Outreach Efforts at ____________ (school)

Gala Fundraiser

o Ticket Sales Committee

o Silent Auction Committee

o Donations Committee (solicit donations)

o Decorations & Setup Committee

o Publicity Committee

o Serve Food (youth symphony members)

o Cleanup

o Coordinate Entertainment