25 September 2010

LYS Saturday Report for Sept 25, 2010


This is Julie Gardner, 435.723.8262, GJulieKay@gmail.com
Please contact me with any questions, or, as usual, with attendance issues.

Today's Rehearsal:

We had a great opening rehearsal - we read through Variations on a Shaker Melody, Suppe's Poet & Peasant Overture, and our major piece, the first movement of Schubert's Unfinished Symphony.  It was so nice to just read through everything slowly and hear how it all goes. 

There were several people with other obligations so attendance could have been higher, but it was nice that so many were able to come after rehearsal for the parent meeting!

Thank you so much for your attendance at the parent meeting! I counted families and it was well-attended! 

Retreat Information:

Retreat information and release forms were handed out today. Money was collected during the parent meeting for tuition and for the retreat ($35 - this is the amount that the camp is charging... LBSS is not profiting from this). 

If you did not get a retreat form, click here to go to the LYS website and you can download and print the form. This permission form must be turned in to participate in the retreat. We encourage families to carpool. Please contact me if you need help finding someone to carpool with.

I need final number asap so Camp Utaba can prepare food for our stay. As I said at the parent meeting, this is sooner than I had originally anticipated for our retreat, but the dates worked out when they did, and I truly believe in the magic of "Music Camp"; we will come home inspired! This is going to be so fun! 

If we have not yet received your payment and I don't know if you are coming, please save me a phone call and let me know, K?

Retreat Schedule:

  • Friday Oct 1
  • 3pm                  Adults, any youth helpers & equipment arrive & set up
  • 3:45-4pm          Youth arrive
  • 4:15-6:15pm      Orchestra Rehearsal
  • 6:30pm             Dinner (UTABA staff provides dinner)
  • 7-7:30pm          Play whack-em (you'll like it)
  • 7:30-8:15pm      Prepare skits / outrageous performances / weird instrument noise contest (Must be music-related and in good taste)
  • 8:15pm             Performances
  • 10:00pm            Bed time
  • 10:15pm            Lights out
  • Saturday Oct 2
  • 7am                  Rise & Shine, pack up, roll up sleeping bags, etc.
  • 7:30am             Breakfast (UTABA staff provides breakfast)
  • 8-9:30am          Workshop/Sectional
  • 9:30-10am         Break & Free Time
  • 10am-12pm       Orchestra Rehearsal
  • 12-12:30pm       Lunch (UTABA staff provides lunch)
  • 12:30-1pm         Debrief (share what you learned)
  • 1-2pm               Break camp & head home 

Julie Gardner
Robert Bott


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