21 September 2010

Lincoln Youth Symphony Audition Results & Instructions


You are receiving this email because of your successful audition for the Lincoln Youth Symphony. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to a new year with new exciting adventures! Whether you are new and this is your first year, or you are returning for another year, I applaud your willingness to make music on Saturday mornings!  

It's going to be a fantastic year!

Please Note: This may look like a long email but PLEASE read it. There are changes this year. It's not the same thing. Read on:

This week: 
  • Print the acceptance & payment form. Fill it out and bring it to rehearsal (9-11:15am) this Saturday, Sept 25th. The membership information referenced in the acceptance & payment form is also attached to this email, as is the printable calendar for the year (remember, the most up-to-date calendar info is online on LincolnYouthSymphony.blogspot.com - click "Calendar - LYS" on the right).
    • This Week's Schedule -- Saturday, Sept 25th:
      • 8:45 am -- Arrive, Set up, Warm up
      • 9:00 am to 11:15 am -- Rehearsal
      • 11:30 am to 12:15 pm -- Mandatory Parents' Meeting (LYCO & LYS)
  • Be sure to get at least one of your parents to attend the Mandatory Parents' Meeting with you. That's this Saturday after our rehearsal from 11:30-12:15. It will be a short meeting and will earn your parents a discount on tuition! Please see the attachment "LYS acceptance and payment form" for additional tuition information. 
Next week: Come for a special get-to-know-you weekend including rehearsals, skits, and special workshops with fantastic musicians (I am so excited!). You will learn & grow and come back ready for an awesome year of music making and friendship! 
  • What: Lincoln Youth Symphony Kickoff and Retreat
  • Why: For a Mini-Music-Camp Experience
  • Where: Camp Utaba north of Eden, Utah. See www.camputaba.org and click on "maps" on the left sidebar.
  • When: Oct 1st, 4pm to Oct 2nd, 1pm, 2010
  • Who: All musicians (& chaperons - please contact me if interested)
  • Cost: $35 (It is extremely important that each student attend. If the money is a problem, please plan to come anyway and we'll help you work it out!)
Just a note about this retreat: A highlight of my teenage years was Olympic Music Camp near Port Orchard, Washington! I loved it; I went twice. It was a 2-week summer camp. We had orchestra rehearsal morning and afternoon, played in chamber groups, had movie night and skit night and hiked to the big rock on the nearby lake; the percussion & brass learned Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man, hauled their equipment around to the other side of the lake, and performed for us! It was amazing. I still get chills just thinking about that music drifting across the lake towards us! One year, the youth symphony learned Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony to perform for our parents on the last day -- like we played the entire symphony -- all four movements! It was intense, but it was amazing! I learned about myself, I made friends, and I wish everyone had that kind of opportunity. 

This LYS retreat will not be two weeks. In fact, it won't even be a full 24 hours, but it will be as close to music camp as I can make it! We will have specialists up there on Saturday morning for workshops and sectionals. Prepare to be inspired! We will rehearse twice - Friday evening and again Saturday morning. We will have a really outrageous performance & skit night (start thinking now... music-themed skits, please!). You won't want to miss this! Be prepared for a great time!

Okaaaayyyyy! Back to business: we will hand out music this Saturday at our first rehearsal. For our November 20th concert we will be learning:
  • Schubert's Unfinished Symphony, 1st movement (we will be learning the entire symphony over the course of the year)
  • Suppe's Poet & Peasant Overture
  • Copland's Variations on a Shaker Melody
  • Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride
Below is a list of this year's orchestra. When you arrive at rehearsal this Saturday, please sit in the order on the list. (Side note: please be aware that there may (not necessarily "will"... just "may") be seating changes after each concert to give leadership opportunities and to balance sections.) 

Please also note our needs: Oboes, another bassoon, more horns, Trumpets, another trombone, tuba, percussionist, and MORE STRINGS! 

THIS IS A BIG DEAL! IT'S ABOUT GROWING THE GROUP: For a limited time (until the seats are filled), our conductor, Robert Bott, is offering membership to anyone who you think can handle it and who wants to come and play - the audition will be for seating purposes only - your friends' willingness (and your recommendation) takes the place of the membership audition! Get those friends to come! They'll miss the fun retreat if they don't join up right away! Bring them to rehearsal just to play along and check it out! Let's grow this orchestra and help each other make it a fantastic experience! 

Okay, okay, here's the list (not that you didn't already scroll down and read it, right?!)....

Flute 1: Jessica D
Flute 2: Becki H
    We need oboes! 
Clarinet 1: Tami H
Clarinet 2: Ohne
Clarinet 2: Matthew R
Bassoon 1: Jessica R
    We need another bassoon!
Horn 1: Jeffrey H
Horn 2: Melinda K
    We would happily take more horns!
    We need Trumpets!
Trombone 1: Zach F
    We need another trombone!
    Do you have a friend who plays tuba or percussion?
Violin 1
    Kylie C (Co-concertmaster - first chair for November concert)
    Sarah P (Co-concertmaster)
    Andrew J
    Jamison H
Violin 2
    Preston S (Principal)
    Gabby H
    Fuzuki K
    Minsum C
    Brittney R (Principal)
    Amanda C
    Rebekah T (Co-principal - first chair for November concert)
    Matthew P (Co-principal)
    Ryan S
    Katrina G
String Bass
    Minkay C
    Daniel C

Thank you for your time! Guess what? This is the end of the email. If you still have questions that were not answered, please contact me!

Julie Gardner
Robert Bott

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