24 April 2010

LYS Concert Report for Friday, April 23, 2010


I just wanted to send a heartfelt thank you for a wonderful year, and a great final concert. I started working with Lincoln Youth Symphony because I believe it needs to be kept alive, and because of my positive experiences as a youth in the Everett Youth Symphony and Seattle Junior Youth Symphony, and as an adult in the Utah Valley Symphony, Gray's Harbor Community Symphony, Port Angeles Symphony Orchestra, and the Salt Lake Symphony. I have also been inspired by my children's positive experiences in North Olympic Youth Symphony, Utah Youth Symphony Prep Orchestra, Davis Youth Symphony, and Lincoln Youth Symphony & Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra. As you can see, my family has been around the block a few times (and then some!) and we have seen many organizations at work. We have seen positive growth, and that is inspiring.

I hope, in our time together, that you have seen more than just the weekly rehearsal grind -- that you have seen the potential you all have to be the person you are here to become. I hope, in our time together, that you have experienced some of the joy of making music, of doing something -- and improving as you go -- and doing the best you can at something that is not easy -- is not meant to be easy. I hope that you have noticed improvement in yourself, that you have cemented friendships, that you have laughed and learned. I know I have. That's what makes life interesting!

This little letter also comes with best wishes for our six graduating seniors (you will be missed as you embark on your grand adventures!) -- including the three who still have their work cut out for them as they prepare to play in the Utah Symphony concert! 

And best wishes to John Findlay with his many endeavors! John, you will be missed!

All in all, have a great summer, and be proud of your performance last night! Bravo!

One more thing: If you didn't turn in your music (and I haven't sorted it yet, but if you didn't, you know who you are), please bring it to me at 2800 S 1200 W, Perry. Bring it asap -- before I know it's missing!

Have a fabulous summer!

Julie Gardner

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