10 March 2010

LYS Saturday Report for March 6, 2010


As you already know, this is Julie Gardner, 435.723.8262, GJulieKay@gmail.com.
Please contact me with any questions, or, as usual, with attendance issues.

Last Saturday:

I hear from certain sources that the rehearsal went well and that the music was enjoyable. There were quite a few people missing with a variety of conflicts, but I knew about that ahead of time! Thank you so much for your music! 

This Saturday, March 13, rehearsal will be 8:30 to 11:00am.

Gala Fundraiser Dinner is coming up on March 19th, 6:30 pm. 

That's next week! Wow! Remember, tickets are $15. There will be a silent auction (preliminary list will be forthcoming - as soon as I have it) and door prizes including loaves of my homemade bread. That's worth coming for, right? :)

Soooooo.... I need all ticket sales commitments by this Saturday (or preferably Friday). We need the information for the caterer. 

Bring your money this Saturday. Everyone needs to try to sell 4 (or 6 or 8 or 10) tickets. If you haven't done it, get on the phone today. One student in LYCO sold 14. So Far.

It's hard to tell who has sold the most tickets yet in LYS since so few people have turned in their money.  

Thank you so much for your support in this!  I know you will come through. I am constantly amazed at the dedication, and the kindness, of all involved!

I wish I could promise bread again - but I just can't see that happening this weekend. :S

Photos from Abravanel Hall...

have already arrived and I will be handing them out this Saturday. If I forget, please remind me! They look much better than last year's. Good thing! :)

Julie Gardner
John Findlay


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