27 February 2010

LYS Saturday Report for February 27, 2010


As always, this is Julie Gardner, 435.723.8262, GJulieKay@gmail.com. Please contact me with any questions, or, as usual, with attendance issues.

Great rehearsal this morning!

Thanks to everyone for bringing their permission slips. I guess the bread did the trick! But the best part is I don't have to call anyone on Sunday night to find out what their plans are! Yippee!

Here's a copy/paste of the handout from this morning:
Abravanel Hall
Monday, March 1, 2010
Bus Arrives ACYI 6:15am
Bus Leaves ACYI 6:30am
Bus Picks up at Farr West 6:40am
Bus Picks up in Roy 6:55am 
This stop is a Park & Ride next to what used to be a Saturn dealership and is now Larry H Miller Dodge on Freeway Park Drive.
Arrive Abravanel Hall 7:30am
We put our large cases (cellos & up) on Row 30. We sit on Row 3 and put our small cases on the seats in front of us on Row 2. No cases where people are sitting, and no cases on floors except in Row 30. Concert etiquette applies!  But you already know that! It's the people behind us that forget. We are perfect.  Also, if your parents come to listen, tell them to sit on Row 3.
Jordan YS 8:00am
Granite Jr YS 8:30am
Warm up in the Green Room 9:00am
LYS Performs 9:30am
Photograph 10:00am
Patrick Webster is doing the photography. Let's pray for a better picture (and we will do our own "arranging" of people instead of letting him do it!). Photos are $10 each. After pictures, check out the instrument displays in the lobby. It makes Summerhays feel good about sponsoring the event!
Utah Valley Philharmonia 10:30am
Northern Utah YS 11:00am
Jordan/Canyons SO 11:30am
Bus Picks up at Abravanel Hall 12:00noon
Reverse Route Home… 
LHM Dodge 12:30pm ish
Farr West 12:50pm ish
ACYI Brigham City 1:00pm ish
Be sure to bring a lunch & snacks. It's a long day! 

Gala Fundraiser Dinner is coming up on March 19th. 

We did not have time to turn in money for Gala Tickets today, but next week, March 6th, bring your money. I won't be there - I have a family conflict - but someone will be there with tickets to trade for the money you turn in. We absolutely need to start collecting money for tickets... So sell lots of tickets this week, K?

See Ya Monday! :)

Julie Gardner
John Findlay


20 February 2010

LYS Saturday Report for February 20, 2010


As always, this is Julie Gardner, 435.723.8262, GJulieKay@gmail.com. Please contact me with any questions, or, as usual, with attendance issues.

Great rehearsal this morning!

Today we realized that we are one rehearsal away from Abravanel Hall. 

This will be an exciting concert! It is the first time we will have performed an entire symphony. Haydn Rocks! :) 

Be sure to practice your trouble spots this week...

Also, welcome to Jessica R; how cool was that to have 2 bassoons today, eh?

Next Week: Feb 27, Be There at 8:00am. Rehearsal will begin at 8:10am. Let's surprise ourselves and be on time! :)

Upcoming trip to Abravanel Hall - March 1 - One week from this MONDAY.

I handed out information & permission slips today. Just follow this link for the page with these information/permission slips or go to LincolnYouthSymphony.blogspot.com and click on "files & forms" on the right hand side. We will be adding an additional stop at the park and ride next to the Saturn dealership off Riverdale Road, so if that is where you want to catch the bus, please add that to the permission slip you will be turning in NEXT SATURDAY. For a map of where the bus will be going including the additional stop, click here and prepare to be impressed with my google map abilities!  Yes, that's right!  Bring those permission slips next Saturday. I will bring homemade bread to rehearsal. Everyone who brings his/her permission slip will get a slice. Shall I bring butter too? 

(Can someone email me Friday and remind me? Avery?)

One other detail about Abravanel: You are welcome to invite your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, etc. to come watch - LYS will be putting small cases on row 2, and sitting on row 3, so tell your family to some sit on row 3. Tell them to only exit and enter the auditorium between numbers, and to keep in mind that the recording device is on row 1! 

No tickets required... Great chance to experience Abravanel Hall for free! :)

Gala Fundraiser Dinner is coming up on March 19th. 

I had one student tell me that she had for sure sold 4 tickets and possibly 4 more.  Great job! I will be ready this coming Saturday with tickets to exchange for money!  We must have a final Catering count well before the dinner (I don't know the official cutoff, but it could be as early as March 6th) so let's get the money turned in asap!

And, PS, don't forget your permission slip this Saturday. I know you will want some homemade bread! :)

Julie Gardner
John Findlay


13 February 2010

LYS Saturday Report for February 13, 2010


As always, this is Julie Gardner, 435.723.8262, GJulieKay@gmail.com. Please contact me with any questions, or, as usual, with attendance issues.

Great rehearsal this morning!

First, thank you for your time this morning ~ especially since this is a holiday weekend. You are fabulous!

During rehearsal, we timed a bunch of music and decided that we possibly might play the entire Haydn Symphony at Abravanel Hall, as long as we skip most repeats. 

The second movement is slow and lyrical and lovely. It's in 4 (for those of you who missed today!), so don't let the 32nd notes scare you. Practice them and you'll be just fine. 

We are not going to do Swan Lake at Abravanel Hall as originally planned because it includes a lovely piano part that we have no way of covering there.

If you didn't turn in your music after the concert, please be sure you accost me with it next Saturday, K?

Upcoming trip to Abravanel Hall - March 1.

I finally received the information in the mail yesterday. Yippee! We are playing at 9:30 am. We need to arrive early enough to be settled in our seats by 8:00 am to hear the first 2 orchestras, then we go up to the Green Room at 9:00 am, perform at 9:30 am, and have our picture taken at 10:00 am (let's root for a better photo this year!), and look at the Summerhay's display for a few minutes. Then at 10:30 we return to Abravanel Hall to listen to 3 more orchestras. Our session ends at noon, and we will head for the bus at that time. I will call and schedule the bus on Tuesday (since Monday's a holiday), and let you know what the final itinerary becomes.

Gala Fundraiser Dinner is coming up on March 19th. 

The Gala Fundraiser ticket sales packets were handed out today. The letter inside should explain it all. Please be sure to read it, and sell lots of tickets. We need to sell an average of 4-5 per musician to make this a successful fundraiser. I'll get you a list of Silent Auction items as soon as I have one! If you find someone willing to donate but they don't plan to attend, please indicate that on the list on the outside of the envelope.

For a copy of the mysterious "letter in the envelope," I have posted it two different ways. First, it's a blog post (this does not preserve the look - just the info). If you want it for printing another copy, try downloading the PDF from here

Thanks in advance for all your support. This is going to be a really fabulous fundraiser.

The financial status of the Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society depends on the success of this fundraiser. Without the Utah Arts Council money this year (and if you want a long explanation of what happened to it, please let me know!), there is no way we can pull through to the end of April without a phenomenal fundraiser.

Julie Gardner
John Findlay


Gala Fundraiser Ticket Sales Kickoff Letter 2010

Dear Parents & Musicians,

It is time to start our Ticket Sales Contest for the Gala Fundraiser Dinner. I am Julie Gardner and I will be heading up the ticket sales since I attend rehearsals for both LYCO and LYS. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at 435.723.8262, GJulieKay@gmail.com.  This year there will be a silent auction, raffle and door prizes, as well as live entertainment.

The live entertainment is being arranged by Diane Austin with a "family music" theme. If you have any suggestions or you have a family act to volunteer with, please contact her at 435.734.1667.

Now is the time to start selling tickets!  With this letter, each musician received an envelope with a form on the outside, as well as a set of receipts inside the envelope. This is your ticket-selling sales kit. 

Here's what to do, step-by-step:

1.       collect the payment, (checks made payable to LBSS)

2.       fill out a line on the envelope form (name of buyer, quantity of tickets, total due, type of payment)

3.       fill out a receipt and leave it with the buyer, (be sure to include your phone number in case they have a question)

4.       bring the envelope to me at rehearsal, and

5.       trade the payment for tickets.

6.       I will initial your envelope that I received your money, and

7.       give you the tickets to deliver to your buyer and fill in the last column on the envelope form.

This adds a step to the process, but it keeps tickets from floating around "out there" as well. It also ensures that our supporters can have a receipt for tax purposes.

Our goal this year is 200 tickets. To maximize the profit margin, we must sell at least 150 tickets. We conduct the fundraiser at the community center – and the city waives the fee since we are a non-profit organization.

Decorations: We will be asking musicians to bring simple music memorabilia for centerpieces for the tables with a musical theme – so keep this in mind. There will be a sign-up going around at rehearsal.

It is extremely important that the fundraiser be successful this year since we recently learned that the long over-due funds from the Utah Arts Council will not be coming at all this year. This was a terrible blow, so it is even more important to make this an extremely successful fundraiser. Contact friends, family, neighbors – one student sold 32 tickets last year just by calling friends and neighbors, so I know it's possible! Dutch oven food is extremely popular, so spread the word!

Here are the details:

Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society

Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra :: Lincoln Youth Symphony :: Lake Bonneville Community Symphony

Gala Fundraiser Dinner

Friday, March 19, 2010, 6:30 p.m.

Brigham City Community Senior Center, 24 North 300 West

Live Entertainment :: Silent Auction :: Door Prizes

Donations Provided by Friends of the Symphonic Society and Local Area Businesses

To Contribute an Item or Service, Please Contact Julie Gardner 435.723.8262

Catered Dutch Oven Dinner


10 February 2010

LYS Extra Notice for Rehearsal this Saturday


As always, this is Julie Gardner, 435.723.8262, GJulieKay@gmail.com. Please contact me with any questions, or, as usual, with attendance issues.

If you assumed that rehearsal this Saturday, Feb 13th, is at 8:30am, then you are right! See ya at 8:20am to set up...

And best of luck to those auditioning for music scholarships this coming Saturday! :)

Julie Gardner
John Findlay