13 December 2009

LYS Saturday Report for December 12, 2009


This is Julie Gardner, 435.723.8262, GJulieKay@gmail.com. Please contact me with any questions, or, as usual, with attendance issues.

This Saturday's Rehearsal, Dec 19

This Saturday, rehearsal will begin at 8:30 am. Please be there at 8:20 for setup and warm-up. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this week.

We are currently working on our Concerto concert. 
Full Orchestra:
Haydn Symphony 101, First Movement

Strings Only:
Vivaldi Violin Concerto in a minor, Third Movement
Bach Violin Concerto in a minor, Third Movement
Eccles Sonata, Prelude and Courante (this will be handed out this Saturday)

Our "all new" Wind Ensemble:
Bach Prelude and Fugue
Leroy Anderson Phantom Regiment
(We will probably be sight reading another piece or two as well)

Last Monday's Concert

Thanks for all your effort regarding the concert at the Browning Center.  I really liked riding the pit down, then up, during the rehearsal, and again during the concert. Pretty fun!

A big thank you to our additional help. Thanks to Diane Austin and Nada Pehrson on violin, as well as Nathan Austin and Mikayla Hackley on percussion!

Here is what Janette Bischoff said:

Thank you for being a part of this year's benefit concert.  Your kids are great!  They added so much to what we were trying to accomplish.  I have had so many nice comments on the quality and variety of music, groups, etc.  I think everyone really enjoyed it.  Please pass along to John and your performers just how pleased we were with their performance.  The did a wonderful job. Hopefully, we can get together again! 

I think we will be able to give the Children's Justice Center about $2500 this year.  So, that is good.  I am waiting for the final expenses to come in from WSU.  But, we can feel good about this concert doing good for others along with giving the students a nice concert to be featured and appreciated in.
I wish you a very happy holiday season and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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