12 November 2009

Kids and Christmas Concert Information

Weber State Ticket Office (northeast entrance of the Dee Events Center) will be selling the tickets.  As I mentioned earlier, all events at the Austad Auditorium are now required to have reserved seating and go through WSU ticketing offices.  
All performers are required to pay a participation fee of $11.00.  This will include 2 tickets for their parents. They will need to get these tickets through WSU. In years past the fee has been $10.  The price has been increased to include the .50 per ticket processing fee charged by WSU. The $11.00 fee needs to be paid to KIDS are MUSIC and DANCE by November 25th.  This fee is to help defray the cost of rental, WSU staff and expenses for the concert venue.  KIDS are MUSIC and DANCE will collect these monies - NOT WSU ticket office.  This will ensure that we have the funds on hand to help with the costs of the venue.

*Please note - Students and their families can pick up these tickets when tickets go on sale.  I will let you know what date that will be.  If I get rosters, etc. soon,  then tickets can go on sale as early as next week.  Thanks! 
We need to provide WSU with an alphabetized roster of directors, performers, and accompanists so students can pick up their 2 tickets along with other tickets their families will want to purchase. This will makes sure their seating is all together. 
To clarify -  you will get the 2 participants tickets at WSU without paying WSU for them.  Families and community members can also purchase additional tickets for $7.00.  Example:  If you wanted 7 tickets for your family - you would order 7 tickets.  Give WSU your performer's name and you would pay for 5 tickets and receive 7 tickets (2 of those tickets will be paid for with your performer's fee.)
We hope this is not too confusing.  Weber State has recommended we do this this way - because we have to pay many of expenses upfront before the concert.  So, we must have these funds on hand to cover the costs.
Performers, Directors and accompanists will NOT need tickets to the performance. (the 2 they will get for the performer's fee will be for their family).  We have planned to reserve seating for them to watch the concert as well as have access to getting on and off the stage as they perform.
Please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.  Plan to have an earlier tech rehearsal on the day of the concert.  I will have the tech schedule with everyone's times soon. This will not be a rehearsal, but a tech check only.

Thanks so much!  I look forward to working on this project together.

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