10 October 2009

LYS Saturday Report for Oct 10, 2009

This is Julie Gardner, Managing Director of Lincoln Youth Symphony, GJulieKay@gmail.com, 435.723.8262. Please contact me with questions or if you need to arrange for an absence or to leave early. 

Today's Rehearsal.
Today's rehearsal went well. We discovered all sorts of things we need to work on at home as we rehearsed the music for our upcoming concert. We also really really really really wish we had more violins.

Next Week.
Next Week's schedule is: Auditions 8am, Rehearsal 8:30 to 11am.

Welcome New Musicians. 
We had a couple auditions today: Welcome to Daniel Capener on Bass, and Kenneth Capener on Cello.

Don't forget to entice your violinist friends to Come Play With Us! I know I sound like a broken record. :)

I have postponed distributing a roster for now. If anyone else has concerns besides those who have already contacted me, please let me know. In the mean time, please contact me if you are looking for a carpool buddy.

Music for the concert. 
Today we handed out the music for The Last Spring. All other music has been handed out. If you are missing pieces, let me know. To see the list published last week, click here.

Concerto Auditions.
Concerto Auditions are coming right up on Nov 7th! If you have contacted me previously about auditioning, I need to know again so I can give you additional information, set audition times, etc. 

Please be sure to approve the music you are planning on playing to make sure our orchestra is able to play it and to make sure the music is available. The board has made a policy that members of the organization may audition for concerto night without a fee; non-members will be charged a fee for auditioning, but the auditions are open to anyone. 

The concert will be January 30. We hope to have several students on the program this year, and we are also working on a guest performer.

Thanks for your support!  We love Youth Symphony!

John Findlay
Julie Gardner

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