16 September 2009

Lincoln Youth Symphony Auditions & Change of Schedule


This email is from Julie Gardner, managing director of the Lincoln Youth Symphony. It is going out specifically to the fabulous people who took time out of their busy schedules to audition for Lincoln Youth Symphony on Tuesday (yesterday). Thank you for your efforts!

There has been a change of schedule!
The promised letters will not be mailed out before this Saturday because we have realized how awkward it will be to have a rehearsal on the same day as the remaining auditions. So, there will not be a rehearsal this Saturday. It will be dedicated to auditions. Our first rehearsal will be September 26th with the parent meeting directly following.

We are sorry for the extra waiting period, and thank you for your patience. We promise it will all work out in the end! The letters will be in the Saturday mail so you will have your responses (as will those who audition this Saturday) by Monday of next week.

Thank you so much for coming yesterday! It was great to get to know each of you, or to see you again!

Please reply to this email so I know you received it. I will be phoning those who don't reply, just to be sure they got the message, so hit reply right now and save me a phone call!

Thanks again for everything! This is going to be a great Symphony Year.

-Julie Gardner

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