31 August 2009

Newsletters & Outreach


This is to let you know that I mailed newsletters today to each musician who did not graduate last year; you should receive a lovely envelope in the mail tomorrow. 

I am really excited for this year!  I've been visiting schools, talking about setting goals and encouraging students to look deep inside and find their true passion, and to make a difference this year - whether or not they play in our orchestra. I've also been showing our video and handing out brochures. If I haven't visited your school yet, let me know (although I would think I would know it if I had)!  

I have been to Bonneville High, South Ogden Jr High, TH Bell Jr High, Wahlquist Jr High, Ben Lomond High, Fremont High (orchestra - Band this Weds), and Weber High; tomorrow I will be visiting Orion Jr High, North Ogden Jr High, and another class at Weber High. Later this week, I will be visiting Box Elder Middle & High Schools, and Marsha Stokes, our Executive Director, is visiting Bear River Middle & High Schools.  

I have handed a brochure to each person who raised his/her hand, and so far I have handed out 81 brochures to interested people. Let's hope that they come!  This is going to be a great year!  What a party!

So, watch your snail mail for audition information, the calendar, and an extra note about compiling a private teacher database.

Of course, as always, you can check the website and follow the links for the calendar, audition information, and all sorts of other things!

Thanks for all your support. It is an honor to know you!

Julie Gardner :)

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