17 December 2008

LYS Saturday Report -- December 13th, 2008

As usual, this is Julie Gardner, Managing Director of Lincoln Youth Symphony.  For previous emails (or to read this one in another location), see the Lincoln Youth Symphony Blog, our Weekly Rehearsal Report, here.
Last Saturday, we announced what music we will be playing for the February 28th concert & March 2nd trip to Abravanel Hall. So here is what you need to practice (like crazy) before the next rehearsal on January 10th:
Symphony No. 4, 2nd Movement, with all five flats, by P.Tchaikovsky
Legend, by Merle J. Isaac
Prometheus Overture, by Beethoven
The other pieces in your folder will be for the April 24th concert:
Intermission - Ten Minutes (a funky thing that begins with an ending and ends with a beginning) by Don Gillis
The Lord of the Dance (because we promised in September that we'd play it later in the year) by Ronan Hardiman
And the following pieces yet to be checked out:
Dvorak's New World Symphony, 3rd movement (I think that's what we decided!)
Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, one or two sections, by Greig
We will be having auditions on January 17th (our second rehearsal in January) for certain Tchaikovsky Bassoon soloes for the cellos. I will scan the music and send it to you so you can work on it, as well as posting it on the LYS website. I promise to do it soon, but I have to have a certain son of mine help me with the scanner since it no longer works with windows and he has to do it with his Linux box, as he calls it. :)
We will did have a potluck treat break, but I never went out to see what the food was... How silly of me!   
Here is your Christmas Break homework: Number your measures, please. Write the measure number at the beginning of each line. Do not number every measure. It's too messy. Just so we are all on the "same page," and we don't have interesting experiences, here are the measure numbers at certain places in each piece of music:
Beethoven Prometheus Overture:
17 Allegro con brio
49 Rehearsal A
81 Rehearsal B
113 Rehearsal C
141 Rehearsal D
165 Rehearsal E
197 Rehearsal F
229 Rehearsal G
253 Rehearsal H
283 Last Measure
Tchaikovsky 2nd Movement:
42 Rehearsal A
75 Rehearsal B
98 Rehearsal C
126 Piu mosso, Key change
142 Rehearsal D
199 Tempo 1, Key change
304 Last Measure
Remember, regular Saturday rehearsals are from 8:30 to 11:00 am. Thank you for being on time!  This means call time is 8:20 since you should arrive 5-10 minutes early to set up and be ready for downbeat at 8:30. If you are one of those consistently late people, just plan to leave 10 minutes earlier than you need to; then you will be on time! :)
If you will not be attending a rehearsal, or will be leaving early or coming late, please contact me at 435.723.8262 or reply to this email. It is really disconcerting when someone doesn't come without letting us know. Thank you for your courtesy! I try to make it very easy to provide notification, and I appreciate it when people let me know. You are wonderful!
Boring but Important
We are in the compiling stage (and should have mailed them out by now but haven't had time) for sending letters to prospective contributors to our silent auction. Please consider helping with this effort.
Concerto Auditions
Concerto Auditions went well. We were impressed with everyone's efforts and pleased with the growth we have seen. Congratulations to Kandra Patterson. She has been selected to play her piece with us: Mozart's Andante in C K315 in our next concert on February 28th!
Please contact me with any questions: Julie Gardner, 435.723.8262, GJulieKay@gmail.com, or check out the calendar on the website here (please inform me of any technical difficulties).
Julie Gardner
John Findlay


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