07 November 2008

LYS Gala Fundraiser - This is Going To Be Fun. Come party with us!

Each year we have a catered Dutch Oven Amazingly Fabulous dinner and silent auction that involves the community and raises much needed operating costs for the Lake Bonneville Symphonic Society, our parent organization. We need to raise at least $6,000. The bare-minimum budget including building rental, insurance, artistic staff, and other things is $25,000 per year. Your Membership Fees account for only a small percentage of that money. It is extremely important that we make this year's fundraiser successful since one of the foundations we normally receive grant money from has reorganized recently and we are not optimistic that the $6,000 will ever materialize.
At this point, we are beginning our campaign (dare I use that word so close after elections?) for donated items or services for the auction. We have many ideas of what we would like to see at the auction, but we need your input. We are also beginning a publicity campaign to inform the public so we can sell tickets to more people than just our families!
We need parents and musicians to follow up letters with phone calls to businesses that may potentially donate. We have set a meeting time of 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. next Thursday, November 13, at the Hunter's home, 657 N 800 W Brigham City, to create our list of businesses and assign people to follow up with phone calls. Many Hands Make Light Work!
If you cannot make the meeting, we will still let you help. Just let us know how many businesses you are willing to follow up with, and we can accomodate! (I'm trying to be funny. Is it working?)
Thank you to Tyler Hunter and the Hunter family for all they did last year to make this operation a success. And a bigger thank you to Tyler and Melinda Hunter for their inspiring vision of what this event can become!
Please save me a lot of phone calls and respond to this email. Make the decision now to donate a little time to a very good cause! The Fundraiser will be successful because you are helping. I can feel it in my bones!
Julie Gardner
John Findlay


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