23 September 2008

LYS Saturday Report -- 20 September 2008

This is Julie Gardner, Managing Director of Lincoln Youth Symphony. If you are receiving this email, you recently joined Lincoln Youth Symphony, or I have not heard definitively that you will not be returning. If you need to read a previous email, they are all available on the Lincoln Youth Symphony Blog, the Weekly Rehearsal Report here.
Regular Saturday rehearsals from 8:30 to 11:00 am began last Saturday. If you will not be attending a rehearsal, or will be leaving early or coming late, please contact me at 435.723.8262 or respond to this email.
Saturday, 20 September 2008
This week, we started slightly late (okay, like almost half and hour!) since we were finishing up auditions. This "late start" will not happen again, so remember that downbeat is 8:30 sharp next week.
We had a lot of fun sight-reading a large stack of music. We made a list on the board and conducted a straw poll to see which pieces were wildly popular among the musicians. We could vote more than once, and the final programming decision was made by our conductor, so it's not really a democracy!
Here is the list of what we played. Numbers are the number of votes for each piece, and bolded pieces have been chosen for our November concert. We will also be playing Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson (which we didn't sight read)!
Haydn's Toy Symphony (4)
Claire de Lune - Debussy (7)
Midnight Beguine - Grundman (10)
Symphony No. 38 - Mozart (7)
Lord of the Dance (11) **we'll be playing this in the Spring concert
Abduction from the Seraglio - Mozart (3)
Alleluia - Mozart (10)
Little Bop Riding Hood (6)
Overture to the Opera Don Juan - Mozart (1)
Mozart Fantasie (5)
St Lawrence Overture - Washburn (5)
Don't forget to invite your friends that play oboe, bassoon, french horn, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, viola, bass, cello, violin, timpani and percussion. As a student group, we tend to have people graduate, and we had a lot of people who graduated this year! Remember, we have a fun video on LincolnYouthSymphony.googlepages.com.
Future Rehearsals
We will be scheduling rehearsals once a month with potluck treats, so make sure you read your emails each week. I will remind you when to bring treats. Our first rehearsal with treats will be coming up soon!  Stay tuned for more incredibly exciting information!.......
Please contact me with any questions: Julie Gardner, 435.723.8262, GJulieKay@gmail.com, or check out the calendar on the website here (please inform me of any technical difficulties).
Julie Gardner
John Findlay

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