11 June 2008

LYS Final Report 2007-2008


My deepest apologies for sending this about 6 weeks late!  You have been on my mind, and on my "to do" list as well.

This is Julie Gardner, GJulieKay@gmail.com, 435-723-8262, and the website is here.

Congratulations on your fantastic concert May 1st. Thank you for all your time and effort. Thank you for your support of this wonderful organization!  It was a fantastic year, and next year will be even better. The Beethoven was tight. What more can I say?

Congratulations to John & Misa Findlay on the birth of their Twin Boys!
I think they were born on May 24th... Sorry I don't know more!  When I talked to John it was about MUSIC! How silly of me. Maybe he'll send a birth announcement & I can forward it. (John?)

People in the Dog House
I received most of the music back after the last concert. The following people will be receiving a bill for their music if they do not turn it in: Cameron C, Tuba; Tim B, Violin I; McKell, Violin I; Nick H, Violin I; Sonee, Violin I; Heather M, Violin II. 

Lesson: It's easier to turn in music if you play in the concert!

Pictures from Abravanel Hall
If you ordered a photo from Abravanel Hall, I have distributed many of them.

Madison took pictures for the following Weber HS Students: Brent H, Michelle J, Brigham B, Rachael G. 

Cherie took pictures for the following Bear River HS Students: Sarah S, Shannon A. 

I still need to distribute photos to Nathan S & Ed K in Weber Co, and  McKell C, Miranda S, and Tori H in Brigham City (AmyLee, Linda H, Erik N & Rachel A already had them from rehearsal).

Please contact me if you should have received a photo and you didn't. Hopefully that wasn't too confusing!

Music Catalog
The Eagle Project for cataloging music was highly successful. Thanks to Josh for all your work!

Congratulations to our All-Star Concert Participants
Rachel A, Rhiannon J, Rachael G, Tori H, and Candace C played with the Utah Symphony on May 13th. I have not talked to all of them yet, but the reports I have had have been glowing. I wish they had a program for adults to play with the symphony.

Next year's Abravanel Hall Youth Symphony Festival will be Monday, March 2, 2009. Participating there qualifies LYS to nominate students to play in the All-Star Concert, which will be May 19, 2009.

Peach Days Concert
Peach Days rehearsals will kick off our 2008-2009 season. Like last year, this will be a no-audition-required outdoor pops concert -- a fun way to kick off the new season. We are inviting adults from the community symphony, as well as youth symphony and chamber orchestra students to come play with us. John Findlay will be conducting. This is the rehearsal schedule:
6:30-8:30 pm, ACYI, August 19, 21, 26, 28, September 2, 4. The concert is September 6 in the afternoon.

Parade Publicity
We are also looking for a few willing souls to participate in a flat-bed sort of way in the Peach Days parade to advertise for our concert and gain much-needed publicity for the symphonic society. If you are in a marching band playing in the parade, this will , of course, not be an option for you, but think it over if you are a string player. We are looking into a sound system.

We will be kicking off an aggressive recruiting program when school starts in August with recordings, DVD's, and posters. If you have a friend that may be interested in playing in LYS or LYCO, please forward their email to me. Thank you!

Next Year's Calendar
Next year's schedule will be out soon; we have many tentative dates, but we will wait and publish it when it's for sure.

Julie Gardner, GJulieKay@gmail.com
John Findlay

Lincoln Youth Symphony Website

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