15 January 2008

LYS Saturday Report January 12th, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

This is Julie Gardner, Managing Director, 435.723.8262, LincolnYouthSymphony@gmail.com or GJulieKay@juno.com.

Website: http://LincolnYouthSymphony.googlepages.com

Remember to email me if you will not be coming or you will be leaving early. You may not know it, but I take roll every week!

Gala Fundraiser: Friday, February 8th, 2008

We handed out two tickets to each musician on Saturday. I also snail-mailed tickets to musicians who missed the rehearsal. They went out yesterday.

More detailed information on the menu, etc., will be coming out very soon (we have a meeting tomorrow night), but feel free to sell those tickets! For the LYS musician who sells the most tickets, there will be a $20 gift check to the store of your choice.

Please contact us if you have access to someone who will donate an item or service that can be auctioned!

We will also send more information soon about the entertainment and other help we will need.

Prepare for a great opportunity to perform for an audience. This can be solo & ensemble music, or simply a practice performance opportunity. Gear up for a fun party! We will be teaming up with Lincoln Youth Chamber Orchestra and Lake Bonneville Community Symphony.

If you have ideas or questions or wish to be involved in a large or small way before we start making assignments , please contact me or board member Tamera Terry office@infovets.com.

Upcoming dates and changes to remember:
January 19th, NO rehearsal. (That's this Saturday) Good luck to everyone in Allstate Orchestra! 
February 2nd, NO rehearsal. This is UMEA and every music teacher in the state will be in St. George! This is a change from the original schedule.
February 16th, YES rehearsal. This is in exchange for the week off for UMEA. It's President's Day Weekend, and I'm sorry about that. Life can be tough sometimes! This is also a change from the original schedule.
March 1st, Concert at Box Elder HS Auditorium, tickets at the door: $1 for children up to 11 & seniors; $2 for ages 12 & up.
March 10th, Abravanel Hall. I will give you more Information as I receive it.
These dates are now correct on the website.
Our Last Rehearsal: Saturday, January 12th, 2008
John was gone to a wedding, and James did a great job taking the entire rehearsal.  Thank you, James!

Our treats were... Not very hearty. But we are grateful to the girls who remembered to bring Keebler cookies and Gardhettos. Why is it always girls who remember? Hopefully we'll have at least one more person remember next week!


Our Next Rehearsal: January 26th, 2008
Everyone needs to be at rehearsal at 8:00 am.

Sell tickets. Bring money!
Remember: Second Violins for treats. Sigh.

Membership Fees
I mailed membership information packets to people that I suspected hadn't received one, and I hope to have all membership fee issues resolved very soon. Perhaps we'll even find out who the unallocated membership fee belongs to! (See below)
VERY IMPORTANT:  Unallocated Membership Fee: We still have one fee that was paid in September and the last name on the check was Anderson; we are not sure who to credit that payment to . If it was you, or you have an idea of who it might be from, please let me know! Thanks. :)

Grocery Certificates
If you email me back with what you'd like, I can have grocery certificates at the next rehearsal for you. I will only have them at rehearsal if you prearrange for them. Please participate in this program. It is a painless way to raise money for the youth symphony. More information at http://LincolnYouthSymphony.googlepages.com. Click on "Fundraising" on the left sidebar.
Julie Gardner
John Findlay
James Arbizu

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