29 December 2007

LYS Concerto Audition Information for Saturday January 5th 2008

Concerto Auditions

Concerto Auditions are next Saturday, so it's high time that I give you a better idea of the format and what to expect.

Auditions will be held directly after the January 5th rehearsal beginning at 11:10 am in the choir room. Auditions will be closed. This means that only the musician, accompanist, and judges will be allowed in the room. The judges will be our conductors, John Findlay and James Arbizu, and our Executive Director, Marsha Stokes.

If you are auditioning, please stay in the band room where we normally rehearse and begin warming up for the audition. Please have your accompanist arrive at least 10 minutes before your assigned time.

There are 5 auditions that I know of, and the order of auditions has been determined randomly (thanks to my daughter Rachel who drew names for me). Please look at the schedule below and let me know right away if there is a problem with your assigned time.

11:10 Nathan S
11:20 Hope
11:30 Jana
11:40 Rhiannon
11:50 Candace

Memorization is strongly encouraged but not required. Also, if your piece is longer than ten minutes, please let me know so I can adjust the schedule. Your accompanist should also shorten the "tutti" sections to save time. This is a normal practice in these types of situations, so they will know what you are talking about.

Remember that a soloist has stage presence, and in addition to musicianship, the judges will be watching for this. From the moment you walk onto the "stage" (in the choir room), be sure you take control of the performance situation. Your poise and professionalism, including your ability to end with a flourish no matter what happens during the performance, will make a difference to the judges. Be sure to smile with confidence, and don't forget to bow!

I believe this will be the last year that this concerto audition will be free and closed to musicians who are not LYS members. In lieu of charging an audition fee, all contestants are expected to perform at the February 8th Gala Dinner, Fundraiser, and Auction. We want to show off our best and brightest, and if we're going to procure this music, we need your support at the fundraiser!


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Julie Gardner

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