21 November 2007

LYS Saturday Report, November 17th, 2007

Hello Parents and Musicians!

This is Julie Gardner, Managing Director. If you have any questions, I can be reached at 435.723.8262 or GJulieKay@juno.com. You can always access past LYS Saturday Reports by clicking "weekly rehearsal report" on the Lincoln Youth Symphony website: http://lincolnyouthsymphony.googlepages.com

Remember to email me if you will be missing a rehearsal, and please be choosy about what constitutes a "good reason to miss." For the most part, everyone has been fantastic about letting me know!

Extra Rehearsal CANCELED

There will be NO REHEARSAL on Wednesday, November 28th, the week after Thanksgiving.

This was the "possible" extra rehearsal we were trying to add, but the conductors decided that there will be NO REHEARSAL on November 28th. Please Don't Come That Day.

No Rehearsal November 24th, Thanksgiving Weekend

Next Rehearsal December 1st, the Day of the Concert!

Rehearsal will be at ACYI; everyone (including winds) needs to be there at 8:00 am.

This Dress Rehearsal will be short. Please arrange for your rides to retrieve you by 9:30 or 10:00 am.

There will be no treats.  (But on December 8th, the treats will be provided by the Viola, Cello, and Bass sections.)

Last Saturday
The Second Violins laid out a fabulous spread to rival the First Violins -- sticky sweet rolls, milk and all the fixin's. Thanks for doing such a fabulous job!
We are definitely ready to perform!
Remember to learn your notes so well that there is no need to rush. That, my friends, is the difference between amateurish orchestras and ones that don't sound so ... amateur! Practice those runs with regrouping and rhythms. It will help you find the trouble spots and we will sound even better at the concert.

Don't forget, we are still looking for a bassoon or two and a couple more horns. Keep talking to your friends!

Concert Details

Our "Autumn / Christmas Concert" (Don't laugh) is December 1, call time (that's when you need to be there) 6:30 at BEHS. The concert starts at 7:00 pm.

We will sit in the audience and listen to LYCO play first, then reset the stage for LYS.

To defray the cost of renting the hall, we will be charging a nominal admission fee: $2 adults and $1 children age 2-11 or senior citizens. Thank you for your support in this matter.

This will be a fabulous concert showcasing motivated musicians in two exceptional orchestras. Invite your family and friends -- that auditorium is large, and we want to feel like we're playing for an audience!


The Lake Bonneville Community Symphony continues to rehearse for the Messiah sing-in. The performance will be December 6th in the Box Elder Tabernacle. They have invited anyone in LYS who wants to play in the Messiah to come join them!  The schedule can be found at http://www.geocities.com/lakebonnsymph/.
Membership Fees
If you have not paid or made arrangements for your membership fees, I will begin contacting each of you on an individual basis after Thanksgiving.
Unallocated Membership Fee: We still have one fee that was paid in September and the last name on the check was Anderson; we are not sure who to credit that payment to. If it was you, we'd love to give you credit for it, so please let me know! Thanks. :)
I passed out the green flyers for grocery fundraisers at the rehearsal Nov 3rd. Please participate in this program. It is a painless way to raise money for the youth symphony. More information at http://lincolnyouthsymphony.googlepages.com. Click on "Fundraising" on the left sidebar.
Our Silent Auction and Gala Fundraising Dinner will be February 9th. If you are willing to help with this, please let me know.
And we'll see you Saturday December 1st for another fabulous rehearsal!
Julie Gardner
John Findlay
James Arbizu 

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