NUYS Auditions

This is the Youth Symphony audition page.

NUYS Auditions for the 2018-19 Season are coming up earlier this year! Reserve Saturday August 25 at Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning, 1051 W 2700 S, Perry Utah, 84302 to come in and audition! Having earlier auditions will give us more time to put the orchestra together and plan the first rehearsal, which will be Saturday September 15, 2018!

To prepare for your audition:

Fill out this form:
Please fill out the membership form. The link for our audition sign up sheet is provided after you submit the form. 
How to Audition: 
After submitting the membership form, you will be given a link to sign up for a time on the Audition Spreadsheet. Be sure you have submitted the membership form successfully before you sign up on the audition spreadsheet. 
Access to Audition Spreadsheet
To change your audition time without having to fill out the online membership form again, here is the link:   AUDITION SPREADSHEET  
MEMBERSHIP FORM  <-- Another Link for the Membership Form.

(small print: if the membership form page doesn't load, please go to this link to fill out the form:

This form is for all musicians - new members AND returning members! 
There will be paper forms at the auditions if you have technical difficulties, but we prefer you fill out the online form.

What to Prepare:
This section below this point is still under construction. Some of the requirements are still going to be updated and the excerpts will be different. Please check back!

For your audition, please prepare (1) two scales, (2) a solo, and (3) an orchestral excerpt, as follows:

(1) Scales:
Scales must be played as quarter notes, MM=92 per note or faster. Scales should take less than 1 minute of your audition time. Specific instrument group requirements listed below:
  • Strings: A 3-octave major scale and a 2-octave melodic minor scale.
  • Woodwinds: A 2- to 3-octave or (preferably) full-range chromatic scale, and a 2- to 3-octave major or minor scale. 
  • Brass:  Two 1- to 2-octave major or minor scales.
  • Percussion: Snare rudiments, a major & minor 1-octave scale on bells, ability to sight-read and count accurately.

**You choose the scales you will play for us. We do not ask for random scales at auditions.

(2) Solo:
  • A one minute (or slightly less) excerpt of a prepared solo (*we will probably stop you before you finish if you are auditioning in person*). 

(3) Excerpt:

We work with woodwind, brass and percussion players who have marching band conflicts.

The Northern Utah Youth Symphony provides motivated high-school-level musicians with advanced symphonic experiences. 

  • Northern Utah Youth Symphony is a great place for committed musicians to grow as they reach for their potential! 
  • All new and returning musicians audition each year.  
  • Musicians have played their instruments for at least three years; many have private lessons, but private instruction is not required. 
  • We request & encourage musicians to participate in their school music programs. Anyone with extenuating circumstances may contact us.
  • Audition dates for the current season are available on the calendar.
  • Please contact Julie Gardner, 435.740.4335 cell, for additional information.