12 July 2018

Audition Workshop

Announcing our first ever Audition Workshop!

Come watch your friends mock audition for Mr Dunn, and then listen to some feedback on their performance!

Come and listen to all the wisest advice ever, not just for NUYS auditions, but as you prepare for the future!

This is going to be a great evening! If you are interested in being one of the mock audition-ers, reply and let me know. If you perform at the audition workshop, you may also choose to have that be your audition for the orchestra this year, so you'll be exempt from coming back and auditioning on the 25th of August. :)

Here are the details:
Set aside Wednesday, August 8th, at 5:30 pm at Promontory School. Bring a treat to share during break! If you forget to do that, come anyway!

We are also planning to post a YouTube video from this evening. 

There will be breakout woodwind and brass workshops, so this isn't just for strings!

I'm leaving TOMORROW for Ireland, so if you need to contact me, please use email. My text messaging won't be working again until July 30th. 

Thanks everyone! Happy Summer! ~ Julie

PS The Audition page is set up for you to sign up for the new year, but the music excerpts have not been updated yet. Just be aware these will be different than they were last year.  Click Here for the NUYS Audition Page.

Also, if you have graduated, I'm sorry to be sending you this when it's not relevant to you, but I haven't started my new list for next year, so I'm going to have to ask your forgiveness for bugging you! I'll fix it before I send another mass email -- after I get back! 


20 May 2018

Party Time!

Get Ready For Our Annual Northern Utah Youth Symphony

End-of-Year Picnic!

At the Rotary Constitution Park

450 East 700 South,

Brigham City

On June 9 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm

If your last name begins with A-L,

please bring a side dish.

If your last name begins with M-Z,

please bring a dessert.

Click Here today to RSVP.

We will provide everything else for lunch.

Then we'll have fun and games!

​Thanks to Emily Rockwood, and Debra & Tom Francis for volunteering to organize this party!

See you there! :)



12 May 2018

Youth Symphony Pictures

Greetings and Gratitude to Jared Luther for some great pictures!

This link will take you to the gallery of photos from the day of the concert. They are free to download, and we are super grateful to Jared Luther for taking the time that day to photograph us. He said we were packed so tight on stage that it seems he got multiple pictures of some people, and perhaps no pictures of some other people, but at least we're all in the large group shot! So impressive!

​And here is the link to the pictures of Chamber, in case you are interested:​


21 April 2018

Dress Rehearsal Details & Eliza's Competition

Eliza Corrington's Songwriting Competition - Live from New York!
Eliza let me know how to watch it! The competition is on Monday, April 23, 2018, from 6:00 -8:30 pm ET (4:00 - 6:30 pm Mountain Time) and streamed at arts.gov.  

​The concert is THIS Thursday, April 26, 2018, at 7:00 pm, Box Elder High School. Publicity information was released
​a few weeks ago
Here is the link.​

Volunteers Requested
We never had a volunteer to set up the end of year party, and it kind of fell off my radar. If you believe in end
year social get
​and would like
to plan a chance for everyone to bring a pot luck and enjoy some time at a park, do let me know. I can tell you how to make it happen
​ & ​
support your efforts.​

Depending on timing at BEHS, we may need a mini-van or similar vehicle to haul our nice timpanis and a whole bunch of music stands, possibly loading up Wednesday and not unloading until 3 pm Thursday. Our regular helper may not be able to fit her schedule to ours
. If this jumps out at you as something you can help with, do let me know.

General Instructions
Wear concert attire for this DRESS rehearsal.
We have a photographer coming to take photos during rehearsal as if it's during the concert. 

group photo
will also be taken on stage​ before chamber joins us. 

Bring a
sack dinner
for the break. 
​Not a lot of time so don't expect to leave and come back.​

​Put your
around the very edge of the band room, or backstage. Chamber will be rehearsing in the band room while we rehearse on stage
​, and there needs to be room in the band room for them to set up and play.

Set up
begins at 3 pm, call time 3.30 pm. (I know some people can't come that early - but come as early as you can. And we need all the help we can get setting up!)​

begins at *or before* 3.45 pm, as soon as we're ready. 

Rehearsal will end with
Sorcerer's Apprentice
combined with Chamber (they will begin their rehearsal time at 5.15 pm in the band room). 
​The first 4 outside players of Firsts, Seconds, and Violas, and the first 7 outside cello players will move to the back of the orchestra and the chamber students will take those places.
There will be o
ne more quick group on
stage picture ​after Sorcerer's Apprentice.

then begins their rehearsal on stage at around 6.00 pm.

​ for seating in the
auditorium will open after chamber is finished with their rehearsal. 

Call time
for the concert is 6.30 pm. 

for the chamber orchestra portion of the program. We will block out seats for you.

Make sure you play A LOT when
go on stage after chamber
​ ​
finishes performing.
We need to be well warmed up for the
irst violins, manage your stage area well, so our soloist can stand in the right place.

is next.
Warn your guests that it's a long piece and accepted traditional etiquette is to hold applause until the end. That means 4 movements without clapping. :)
some people won't be able to resist!

​ ​
the f
wild applause, re-arrange yourselves for
Sorcerer's Apprentice.
We will
​store the extra chairs and stands for the last number in the wings and bring them on after Dvorak.
The stage is going to be super full!

​You are all Awesome!​
Please know how grateful I am for all of you! There is no one I'd rather spend Saturday mornings with than youth who love music!

​Be sure to have FUN on Thursday. We do this because we love it, and that means we enjoy it and we don't look scared or too terribly serious on stage! ​

13 April 2018

Kristene Murrow performs with Ogden Youth Symphony this Monday!


Kristene Murrow 
Performs in concert
Violin Concerto No 2 in G Major, 1st mvt,
By Franz Joseph Haydn

with the 
Ogden Youth Symphony
April 16, 2018, at 6:30 pm
Val A Browning Center for the Performing Arts

Austad Auditorium
Weber State University, Ogden Utah

(Julie's note: If you have never been in this auditorium, go! It's a wonderful hall!)


11 April 2018

Some Helpful Youtube Links... Keep practicing!

Greetings, All!

We will have flyers for you this Saturday to promote the concert.

Here are a few videos we recommend.

This one is Natalie playing her concerto with a piano accompanist. This will help you get more comfortable with what to expect for tempos etc.

This one is Joshua Bell playing the concerto. It's set to start at the third movement. And it's the United States National Youth Orchestra playing for The Proms, which is a series of concerts put on in the Royal Albert Hall in London. Pretty cool video!

I couldn't find a video of Leonard Bernstein conducting it... plenty with just audio, but these videos are so informative! Especially the different conducting styles.

I haven't heard from Mr Dunn on what he's planning to do or not do, so just come prepared for everything and practice like crazy!

Keep practicing! It's worth it! See you Saturday. 8:30 to 11:30. 

Shout out: thank you to the very awesome people who come help me set up! It's generally the same group of students, and you are wonderful!

Musically yours,


06 April 2018

Concert Publicity - Invite Your Friends and Family!

Share the Facebook event!

The Northern Utah Youth Symphony and Chamber Orchestra present their season finale concert Thursday, April 26, 2018, at 7:00 pm in the Box Elder High School Auditorium, 380 S 600 W, Brigham City. Admission is free thanks to PetsFirst! Wellness Center. 

The Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Nathan West, will open the concert with arrangements of Suppe's Light Cavalry Overture, Capua's O Sole Mio, and Saint-Saens' Bacchanale.

The Youth Symphony, under the direction of Conrad Dunn, will then take the stage. They will be performing Dvorak's Symphony from the New World in its entirety, as well as the 3rd movement of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, featuring student soloist Natalie Nef.

The two orchestras will combine for The Sorcerer's Apprentice as a season finale.

The public is invited to this enchanting evening free of charge. Families are welcome as long as they can be attentive audience members. Thank you for your support!


Natalie Nef

Natalie is 15 years old. She has been studying violin since she was 3 years old. She has been concert master at the school for the last three years. She received superior marks at solo and ensemble for the last 3 years and will be competing as a freshman at region 6 state solo ensemble this month. She has been in the district high school honor orchestra for 7 years, and yes her feet finally touch the ground while playing. She started when she was in third grade. She has received superior marks at ASTA competitions at Utah State. She has placed second and has won twice the Weber State University ASTA competition in the last 3 years. Natalie has also competed at federation at the University of Utah for 4 years, where she has received superior ratings and currently received a superior rating in the senior category. She was the Ogden Youth Symphony concerto winner last year, where she soloed with them and the Weber State University Symphony. She also performed with the Russian pianist, Gleb Ivano, as the winner of the Ogden Symphony Ballet Youth Benefit Concert Competition. Natalie won the Jean Poll music scholarship last year. She also has performed with the Ogden Tabernacle Messiah Symphony. Natalie has had the chance to perform with Alex Boye, Jim Brinkman, and David Osmond. She won an international music competition this March and will be performing at Carnegie Hall this June. She has been a member of the Northern Utah Youth Symphony for 4 years. She has studied under Alyza Bowcutt, Amber Taylor, and Peggy Wheelwright.

Natalie has been playing the piano since she was 5 years old. She has competed in many piano competitions, including Weber State Piano Festival and Northern Utah Piano Federation, where she has received superior marks. She has also received superior marks for the last 3 years at Region Solo Ensemble. She is one of the school’s concert choir’s accompanists. She studies under the direction of Cammie Titus.

Natalie has studied the pipe organ for the last 3 years, as soon as her legs could touch the pedals. She is one of the church’s accompanists. She has studied under Richard Rhees.

Natalie is a member of the International Children’s Choir under the direction of Dr. Katherine Sorenson. She has been a member for 10 years. She has performed for hundreds of Ambassadors from around the world in their native tongue. She has done multiple recordings for movies, commercials, composers, and recording artists. She has been in the University of Utah’s Hansel and Gretel production. Her favorite performances are when she gets to sing and play her violin for the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She also is in the bell choir.

She is in ninth grade at Orion Junior High School. She is a 4.0 student and a member of the honor society. She is a member of the Weber High swim team, where she lettered as a freshman. She is also on a premier competition soccer team. In her spare time, when she is not practicing, she likes to travel with her family and hang out with friends. She hopes to someday solo with the Utah Symphony and study music abroad and at Julliard.

26 March 2018

Abravanel Hall Recordings, 2018


I have uploaded two files into a google folder. Both recordings are identical, and continuous (just one track). It's a recording of the performance last week at Abravanel Hall. 

The two files only differ in their format:

One is an MP3 file and is about 27 megabytes. 

The other is a WAV file and is about 301 megabytes. 

If you have the internet connection to do it, and want to burn a CD, use the WAV file. 

If you want to listen to it on your phones, use the MP3.

Have a great day!


24 March 2018

Approaching the End of the Season



As we approach the end of the season, I just want to take a moment and express my gratitude to everyone who has set up, taken down, driven, hauled, helped, supported, reminded their kids to practice, or helped in any way this year! You are all amazing!

This last Monday's effort to get everyone to Abravanel Hall is another example of the wonderful families in this organization. If you rode the bus, drove a carpool, drove yourself, hauled instruments, etc, etc, we invite you to fill out the Volunteer Follow-up Form so we may accurately track the many hours you have donated to this organization. It also helps us immensely in our grant writing to have this record!

Upcoming Schedule

Here is a snapshot of our upcoming schedule. Please note our rehearsal next Saturday is at a modified time: 8 to 10 am.

Saturday, 24 March, Regular Rehearsal 8:30 to 11:30 am (This was today. Thanks to everyone who came today. It felt very small today!)

Tonight, Saturday, 24 March, NUYCO Recital Night, 6:30 pm, Brigham City Tabernacle (Should be a nice evening of music. I'm sure they'd love an audience!)

Saturday, 31 March, MODIFIED SCHEDULE Regular Rehearsal, 8:00 to 10:00 am

Saturday, 7 April, Regular Rehearsal, 8:30 to 11:30 am

Saturday, 14 April, Regular Rehearsal, 8:30 to 11:30 am

Saturday, 21 April, Regular Rehearsal, 8:30 to 11:30 am

Thursday, 26 April, Dress Rehearsal, 4:00 pm, Box Elder High School

Thursday, 26 April, Concert, 7:00 pm, Box Elder High School, Free admission sponsored by PetsFirst! Wellness Center

​Also, please note that the calendar at the very beginning of the year had the final concert on a different date. April 26th is the Correct Date! Please check your phones and your fridges and your calendars and be sure that you have April 26th for the final concert!!!!​

Honoring Eliza

Eliza Corrington, first violin and percussionist, is a national finalist for a song writing competition with the National Endowment for the Arts!  Her mom pointed out that since she has been learning and improving her musical skills for several years with NUYS, this helped her develop her musical talents- she wouldn't have won something like this without being a part of NUYS for so long. Take a look at the following link!
She will be in New York April 20-24, and will be back to Utah just in time for the final concert!

Congratulations, Eliza! 


08 March 2018

Abravanel Hall Reminder (and Bribe)

Greetings, lovely people!

Congrats on a fantastic concert last weekend. What a wonderful relief to have no weather problems whatsoever! It was a stressful decision, but obviously the right one.

Rehearsal Time this week
We will still be meeting 8:30 to 11:30 for all who can stay.

Abravanel Hall
I have 21 responses out of 101 orchestra members on what your plans are for Abravanel Hall! That's only 20%. A failing grade.

By this Saturday, that number needs to be 100%. A+ is the only acceptable grade on this! 

I just need the bottom half of the second page of the Abravanel Hall papers either handed to me or turned in electronically by this Saturday! Thanks! If you didn't bring your form home, I have attached it again to this email. 

Please please please let me know if you have questions. Email or text (435.740.4335) or call! 



PS THE BRIBE: Do you like homemade rolls? I make the BEST homemade rolls. I will bring 101 of them on Saturday for break. I'll even bring butter. But... you don't get one unless you have Abravanel Hall taken care of. (sorry, they won't be GF)


03 March 2018

The Show Must Go On!


The storm has stalled and when it starts again, it is predicted to have turned to rain!

At the point it is predicted to turn back to snow, it should be quite late in the evening. So we are going ahead with the performance tonight at Logan High. I've looked at all the traffic cams and the only route that looks sketchy is the route from Tremonton to Logan. Sardine is bare and wet.

Please arrive by 2:30 pm if you can, or earlier if possible to help with set up, and we will have two hours on stage from 3 to 5 pm. 

Chamber will have an hour on stage from 5 to 6pm, and then the concert will be at 6:30. 

We will get you out of there and on the road as soon as possible - likely by 8 pm - so as to avoid any of the snow that's supposed to come back. 

As soon as you decide, please please inform me if you choose not to make the drive. We are hoping all key people will be able to make it. We understand the risks involved, but believe they have been minimized to the point where it's safe to put on the concert. 

What a great place to be on a rainy day! Indoors making awesome music!

Thanks again for your patience as we've made this decision. It has not been an easy one.


PS I will send a Remind indicating people should look at this email.


02 March 2018

Remind & General Email List Maintenance


In anticipation of the possible cancellation of the concert tomorrow morning (assume it's officially on for now, folks!), I have spent a few hours auditing the email list, removing people who have left, and also adding people to the remind system. 

Tomorrow, I will rely on remind to notify people about the possible cancellation, so it is very important that you accept the invitation if I've sent one to you. 

I will send any notification via email as well. In fact, the email will have more details; the remind system limits me to a certain number of characters. I will also send a test remind notification in about a half hour as it seems people are still accepting my invitations. If I didn't send one to you today, it's because you already joined a few months ago. If you do not receive a remind notification in about a half hour, please make sure you follow up and contact me. Best way to join is to text the code @746kb42 to 81010.




01 March 2018

To Clarify about the concert and snowmageddon

You are all amazing!

Thank you for the amazing and prompt response to the survey about availability to possibly reschedule the concert. We need you to understand a few things. 

1. There have been a lot of invitations made to build and audience for this concert. We will not reschedule it unless it is absolutely necessary. There will be people trying to come in a locked door if we do. 

Rescheduling it will be last resort, and if it is cancelled, it may not actually be feasible to reschedule. Rescheduling is just a hope, inkling, or possibility, and according to the results from the survey, there really isn't a good day to do it. Jazz festival in Idaho next week, FBLA, etc, etc. 

Something like this that involves so many hundred people is just difficult to reschedule, especially at short notice with an already full schedule of music to prepare for Abravanel Hall and the season finale. Some of your comments on the survey indicate it's not a done deal. It is not. As you can see below, there is not one day that everyone can switch to, according to our survey. (As of 2pm today).

2. Almost exactly one third of our players come from Cache county, one third from Weber county, and one third from Box Elder county. So one third of our players (and all our artistic staff) drive over Sardine Canyon every week for rehearsal. Just so you know. It's not that bad, especially late enough in the day to be there after the snow plows have done their jobs. For those of you who haven't driven Sardine in a long time, it's almost entirely divided now. (I'm not minimizing the risk here, just helping you see that this is not on the level of driving the North Ogden Divide....)

3. Sardine is NOT the only way. There is another -- flat and generally safe -- alternative to taking Sardine Canyon into Logan. Notice the difference on the map below, timing-wise. The blue line takes you through Sardine, the gray line over the alternate way. Also notice that if you would rather stay on the freeway longer, instead of following the (alternate) gray line, you can continue north, take the I-15 split, and then exit directly onto UT-30 (where it says "Riverside" on the map) which takes you directly into Logan on 200 North. 

4. As of now, the forecast is for the snow to taper off early Saturday afternoon, so we might be just fine. It would be silly to cancel a concert when we don't need to, especially since it's so problematic to reschedule. We will not make any premature decisions.

5. As always, if you feel deeply uncomfortable driving in for the concert, please stay home but let me know that day so we can adjust the seating, but mostly so we don't worry about you. Also, I encourage you to find a friend to ride with if you are concerned. 

​Thanks for your patience in this matter! You are all on my mind, and we all want to be safe, and warm, but if we can put on the concert without safety issues, it would make a lot more sense than cancelling or rescheduling.

Please feel free to contact me with additional thoughts or concerns.